Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Loose Cannon

The Guardian is antisemitic, but it isn't the Taliban. Being democratic, they do allow a smattering of guest appearances by people they don't agree with. Such is today's column by Martin van Creveld:
Considering how much better prepared and organised the Israelis are this time around, there is good reason to hope that the result of the present campaign will be similar, namely an end to the rockets and the insertion of some kind of international force that will limit, if not prevent, Hamas' ability to rearm. Judging by the intensive and very successful reconstruction activity that has taken place in southern Lebanon, such an outcome can only benefit both sides.
Van Creveld was perhaps the best teacher I ever had (alongside some other excellent ones). He's a maverick, a loose cannon, there isn't any group around whom he hasn't insulted at one point or another, and I mean insults that send people screeching through the roof. He's the Querdenker's Querdenker, and he even manages to insult the Querdenkers. You generally want to stay away from him. He's no longer a young man, but I'm pleased to see he has all his marbles intact and polished.

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Alex Bensky said...

Of course, al-Guardian had an op-ed asking whether Israeli pilots relish the idea of killing women and children.

No prizes for guessing the writer's conclusion.