Thursday, December 3, 2009

Antisemite with Glasses

CiFWatch has a link to a short film made recently in London, in which one John Sullivan, antisemite, tells some young Jews in London why Jews are so repulsive.

If I find the time I'll write about the Betselem tour to Hebron I joined yesterday, which was quite interesting. Part of the interest was in the group of young European students and aspiring journalists, some of whom resembled this fellow though in a different context. Uninformed Europeans who know more about all the evil motivations of the Jews than the Jews know about themselves.

In the meantime, as I never tire of pointing out, note how this Sullivan antisemite looks like any normal bloke, doesn't have horns, would probably be a perfectly normal fellow if you were discussing anything else with him, and inevitably tells us that some of his best friends are Jews.


Vijay Chakravarthy said...

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Jack said...

Amazing how unconcerned this "fine" man is about his warped xenophobic and antisemitic views.

Jack said...
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