Friday, December 4, 2009

Ukrainians and Swedes

The finding that antisemitism is very much alive in the Ukraine is, how to put it, unremarkable. Still, it's interesting to note that the main story this week is that the Israelis have imported 25,000 (!) Ukrainian children for their organs. That, along with additional olden goldies such as that the Jews are to blame for Stalin's famine of the 1930s. Of course, there's no distinction between Israel and Jews in any of this, they're all interchangeable.

Stolen organs: now where have we last heard that? Hmmn. Sweden, wasn't it?

Some Swedes have just given their Human Rights Prize to Richard Goldstone. True, they cite 15 years of his various deeds as justification, but it's interesting that the first 14.5 of those years, no matter how chock full they may have been of fine deeds, didn't steer the prize his way. For that he had to chair an anti-Israeli panel of extraordinarily sloppy thinkers. So you may pardon my doubts about the intellectual integrity of these particular Swedes.

Are they crassly antisemitic in the way those primitive Ukrainians are? No. They're much classier.


Anonymous said...

Throwing a black schoolboy in jail for protesting Apartheid in a South African school apparently counts as upholding human rights to these people.

Talk about sloppy thinkers...!


Victor said...

I come from Moldova, right next to Ukraine. One of the things that the West is oblivious to, is that the entire Western portion of Ukraine - the part that elected a pro-Western Ukrainian President - also supported and welcomed the Nazis and is fiercely anti-Semitic.

The competition between Russians and Ukrainians for anti-semitism has always been vigorous.

AKUS said...

Your paragraph about Goldstone nailed the hypocrisy succinctly and perfectly. Well done!

Shalom, Cherry Hill said...

Bogdan Chmelnitzky would be proud.