Sunday, January 10, 2010

Imagery from Hebron

Michael Ratner, I've learned from Google, is an important person. He's a law professor, who taught among other places at Columbia; he's the kind of lawyer who argues significant cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. Where Glenn Greenwald blogs endlessly about matters he cares about, Ratner acts. He's a significant figure in the important American discussion about how the country should behave while at war. You can disagree with him, but it seems you can't brush him off as a clown or a sophomoric lightweight.

All the more disturbing, then, his snippet from Hebron, in which he juxtaposes a picture with one from Nazi Germany. Has he thought through what he's implying? Might he wish to spell it out?

I'd call him out on this, if I thought he'd ever respond, but of course he won't. Even though I think I know considerably more both about Hebron and abut Nazism than he does.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how you can stand all this.Incredible!

Bryan Z said...

The comments thread at that site made me sick to my stomach. God help us all if that becomes acceptable parlance in the mainstream media.

rashkov said...
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Barry Meislin said...

Intelligence has nothing to do with perversity.

On the other hand, it seems some of the most intelligent among us happen to develop into some of the most perverse.

All that intelligence and no where to go?

Ingrown intelligence. Kind of like an ingrown toe nail....

Anonymous said...

unfortunately it is not just the evil deluded ones who have turned to using Nazi-atrocities at an easy good for all even facile metaphor I find it all over the place just like for example the ongoing popularity of tsunami blends out all knowledge of the only very recent horrific death of multitudes

Being tactful used to be a virtue now replaced by a competition of who can come up with the most hair-raising and inappropriate metaphor.


NormanF said...

If he implies the Jews living in Hebron are extremists, he's dead wrong. The Jews are a minority in the only one of the Holy Four Cities of Judaism and yet despite incredible odds, they are thriving. But that gets lost on the likes of Ratner.