Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dead Militants

The anti Israeli narrative about the events of 2008 insists that over the summer there was a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, until the Israelis cynically killed six Palestinians in November for no reason except that the Israelis like killing Palestinians, and thereafter Hamas had no choice but to renew shooting kassams at Israeli civilians, the poor dears, and this gave the Israelis a pretext to invade Gaza. The context of the original case - that the dead Palestinians were preparing an attack on Israel- somehow gets lost in the telling.

We don't know if the present uptick in violence from Gaza will peter out tomorrow or escalate into major clashes, but we do know that if the latter, Israel will be damned. Which is why I'm linking to a news item in the BBC, no Zionist apologists they, which cites Palestinian sources as recognizing that the three Palestinians killed earlier today were combatants preparing to fire at Israel.

Y-net, always better informed than the foreign media, tells that one of the three is was Awad abu Nassir (or Nassil), a senior Islamic Jihad commander whom the Israelis have tried to kill in the past.

If past experience has any value, he and his comrades will be counted as dead civilians sooner rather than later.

(Thanks to Bruce for the correction. 2008, not 2009).


Bruce said...


You mean the events of 2008, no?

Yaacov said...

Oops! Thanks.

Bruce said...

My pleasure. I've recently been reintroduced to your blog by a fellow commenter at the TPM Cafe, where we have been battling some extraordinarily questionable and sometimes blatantly anti-semitic bloggers and commenters for the last couple of years. You have become a valued resource for me and I truly am grateful.

NormanF said...

Its like Orwell. Every one knows the Jews started the aggression and whatever the Arabs originally may have done goes down the memory hole. Context is always helpful here and is seldom as evident as the foreign media makes it out to be.

Anonymous said...

But what of the mysterious case of the '2 killed in an explosion' earlier the same day? People who were described as 'scrap metal collectors'? Two, for whom Palestinian medics claimed the IDF had told them to look? Although Reuters later said that rescue workers didn't find any bodies, Ma'an never retracted the statement by Hassanein that 2 bodies had been taken to the hospital.