Thursday, January 6, 2011

Critics of the Goldstone Report

Alan Dershowitz and I each respond, from different directions, to Letty Cottin Pogrebin's odd defense of Richard Goldstone, published recently in the Forward (and, not-surprisingly, in Haaretz).


Barry Meislin said...

"Odd defense"


Totally bonkers is more to the point.

And her precious sense of Judaism indicate that one must defend liars and slanderers. The eleventh commandment, no doubt (but only if it's Israel and Jews who are being slandered).

Sign her up for a regular column in "Tikkun Magazine"!!

Or maybe she can open for Chomsky at his next gig.

Oh, P.S.

A. Jay Adler said...

Following Barry's link, and then pursuing others, I found that there are several similarly named "(Name your country or region) Israel, and the Jews" blogs. They vary in how active they are, don't tend to reveal much about the blogger, but all seem focused on highlighting bias and anti-Israel news coverage in their area. They all link to each other. If no one is actively organizing and seeking to expand their number, someone should be.

Silke said...

calling it "odd" is typical of the "sly" techniques Yaacov applies in luring me into reading stuff.

Curiosity entices the reader and "odd" makes for a better teaser than "bonkers"

If I remember correctly, whenever Yaacov uses "bonkers" or the equivalent thereof it signals that it isn't worth my time.

or do I credit Yaacov with too much manipulative intent here? If yes, my apology is that recently we had commenters around here suggesting that he employs such powers

Sylvia said...

OT - Industrial espionage.
Secret documents relating to the new electric car Renault is developing in collaboration with Israeli-American Shay Agassi - have been stlen and passed to an other com,petitor. Three top Directora at Renault have been fired in connection with the theft.

Sylvia said...

have been stolen and passed to an unknown (at this time) competitor

Anonymous said...


Do you have a link?


Sylvia said...

It was breaking news on Israel radio International hour when I posted it.
Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

OT: Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: "The Key Challenges Facing the Jewish People"

A great read, and an interesting point of view.

Best regards, André

Anonymous said...

the correct link: