Friday, January 7, 2011

Europe Funds Hamas

Well, not directly, perhaps, and maybe not even intentionally, but in a new paper Ehud Yaari and Eyal Ofer argue that Hamas in Gaza has founds ways to live quite well off of the money various international entities pour in, or pour in to the PA which then pours in to Gaza.


AKUS said...

This a fascinating piece of research which indicates the unbelievable sums wasted on Gaza. Israel bashers like to point to the $3b in US aid sent to Israel and largely spent in America - here we have equal sums spent on 1/5 the population. No wonder there are posh restaurants, hotels, malls, riding school, etc. in Gaza. They are like a petro state without needing the oil.

ZJ said...

why single out Europe?
the US too, and even Israel!!

ZJ said...

When I say Israel I mean of course infrastructure Israel is giving to the people in Gaza.
Which is more of an indirect support.
And if Israel would not do it the international community would scream even louder.