Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Human Rights in an Era of Heat

I have a few (mostly friendly) bantering correspondences with some staffers of some of our many human rights organizations. One of them has me on his mailing list, so I get daily updates on all the things we're doing wrong, and what he and his colleagues are doing to make things better and save us from ourselves. Recently I've noticed that considerably fewer than 99.44% of his reports are about Palestinian issues. Indeed, he's been telling us about how we're wrong the way we treat Sudanese refugees (he's right, there), about nasty practices in registering children in schools - that sort of stuff.

So I asked him what's happening. Have we gotten better suddenly? No, he told me. Simply that their investigators on the West Bank are on vacation (it's August). In September he'll get back to the usual fare of our infractions.

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