Don't Divide Jerusalem

On this page I've brought together the various things I've written over the past few years explaining - and more important, demonstrating - why the idea of dividing Jerusalem is so mistaken. Not only will it not bring peace; the common denominator to all the alternative plans for dividing the city is that they'll probably make things considerably worse. Dividing Jerusalem will actively promote violence.

One of the earliest posts I wrote presented the geographical and historical contexts for the present city. Then I outlined the nine logical outcomes of dividing Jerusalem; only one of them is positive, and it's highly unlikely to happen. I also published a much shortened version in The Forward.

Having laid out the principles, I then began walking around the city, mostly along the putative line of division, taking pictures or making amateurish films. I can't say why I'm the only one around who seems to be doing this, and it's actually something of a scandal.

The border at Jaffa Gate
Mamila, right in front of Jaffa Gate
The impossible border through the Old City
Here's another one from the Old City: The Armenian Quarter
And also the Maronites in Jerusalem, still in the Old City

Outside the Old City, we've got the north side of Abu Tor
Abu Tor seen up close: Asael Street

North of the Old City, here's a detailed description of the Shepherd Hotel area.
At the southern end of town, here's a discussion of Har Homa.
Oddest of all, here's the curious case of Beit Safafa.

Then there's the matter of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem who don't actually want to be in Palestine at all. I've written a bit about this here, and also here.