Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Technology

Someone I know just flew in to Israel this morning on El Al's newest airliner, a spanking new Boeing 777. It's so new that the crew included an inspector who spent the whole flight prowling around checking that everything was working and filling a notebook with all of the things that weren't (apparently this is a plane with lot's of new gadjets). Among the things that were malfunctioning was the clock on the info screen, which at one point got so confused by the time zones and jet lag that it announced the time as 26:32.

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm the person mentioned in the paragraph: during this trip to the States I had to go through five different airports and used three differnt airlines. Ben Gurion International Airport was by far the most efficient airport and El Al was by far the airline with the best service on board. Nice flight attendents who tried to help whereever they could and the new computerized system with a wide range of entertainment programs made this awfully long flight much more bearable: even when the hour was as late as 26:32.