Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Sardonic Pun

Amir Oren, one of the less ideologically driven columnists at Haaretz, has a very level-headed report on the mid- and long-term forecasts for our area. Not fun reading. And, interestingly, most of the scenarios have very little to do with Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, unless perhaps you're of the group that believes that if we give them what they want, peace will reign on earth forever after (there are such people). So you can go and read, if you're in the mood.

The reason I've linked to it, however, is that the Hebrew original contained a sentence that so flummoxed the English translator that she simply dropped it. The third paragraph sums up Ehud Barak's current understanding of the issue with the sentence "Only security will bring withdrawal". In Hebrew: Rak Bitachon Yavie Nesigot - and the acronym for that (in Hebrew) is... RABIN.

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