Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Children and Parents - II

On my walk to work this morning I passed a harried mother loading three or four of her kids into a car, and picked up the following conversation:
Mother: "Matan, tomorrow you sit in the middle!"
Son: "No, I won't!"
M: "Yes you will!"
S: "No!"
M: "Yes!"
S: "No!"
M: "So you'll walk to school tomorrow!"
S: "So I won't get to school tomorrow!"

A block up the hill a 12-13-year-old whizzed by me on his bicycle. There has been a huge row here these past few weeks about a newly passed law that requires cyclists to wear helmets. Clearly, the argument has divided even some families, as demonstrated by the fact that this kid was riding with his helmet dangling from his wrist.

The moral of the story, if at all? I suppose, that if you live into your 8th or 9th decade, in the end you may reconcile all the old arguments. Hopefully, anyway.

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