Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Market of Learning

I really need to start toting around a digital camera as part of my standard everyday gear, otherwise how will I convince you all of the veracity of scenes such as this:

Jerusalem's open air market, Mahane Yehuda, is a colorful, fascinating, bustling, noisy, and mobbed place. This morning, as I passed through the southwestern security gate on Agripas street, I noticed an elderly beggar in a wheelchair, and a 30-something haredi man squating in front of him. Both had open books in their laps, and they were poring over them, deep in discussion. From the briefest of glances that I managed to sneak I'd say they were studying Torah, perhaps the weekly portion; the page seemed not to have the format of a Gemarah page.

They were quite oblivious of the rest of us.

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