Friday, December 28, 2007

David Landau: Israel Should be 'Raped'"

David Landau, Editor in Chief of Haaretz, told Condoleeza Rice back in September that Israel is a failed state, and should be raped to end the occupation.

I've seen quite a bit of buzz on this over the past 24 hours (here's LGF, for example, linking onwards).

There's actually nothing particularly surprising in Landau's statement. He is part of a political camp that ultimately doesn't accept Israeli democracy or the will of the Israeli electorate, and is convinced that it knows better; they don't even pretend otherwise.

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Lydia McGrew said...

Rather unusually unpleasantly worded, though. That degree of nastiness might be a surprise. But maybe not. Charming fellow, anyway.

And I would say that this seems to go beyond not accepting Israeli democracy to not really caring much about Israel's existence.

I have to say, too, that this degree of viciousness against his own country does seem to cast doubt upon news coming from that particular source.