Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Different Perspective on Making Peace Or Not

Noah Pollak sent me this link. David Wurmser, postulating that the process started recently at Annapolis isn't going to succeed. I'm a wee bit less impressed by Wurmser's arguments than Noah may be, but I agree with him that his arguments need more of a hearing than they're probably certainly definitely ever going to get. Wurmser, btw, is probably a figure some people will turn off automatically and not listen, but I trust my readers know by now that I prefer to relate to arguments on their merits (factual merits, where possible), rather than on the identity of their propounders. Tho of course, some propounders are rather consistent in making factually-challenged arguments.

Is there such a word: propunders?

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Lydia McGrew said...

It would be very interesting to hear wherein you're inclined to agree and/or disagree with Wurmser.