Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And in the Meantime...

In the midst of all the drama around Gaza - and remember, for most of the world, that's all it is: Drama. A type of entertainment - another part of the Israeli story is this. A futuristic attempt to switch over to electric cars.

I can't say I fully understand what the scheme is, but it sounds fine. Everyone tells us that the world is warming up and the end of civilization as we know it is nigh, and the Israelis are proposing a model of dealing with it that is not based on everyone denying themselves things they're not going to give up but rather the opposite: drive your car, by all means, only pollute less as you do so - and save money.

As a general statement I'd say that a policy based on innovation (and greed) will work better than alternatives based on sanctimony and guilt - and they'll make the world a better place, too. As a specific statement I'll say that as the Palestinians pursue their consistent strategy of making things as bad for themselves as possible so that they'll always be able to howl about how bad they have it, the Israelis, I'm proud to say, continue with their consistent strategy of at least trying to move forward, while often even succeeding.

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