Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beginning of an Adventure?

January 1st is a normal workday here in Israel, the only difference from December 31st being that it's a new tax year, or budget year, or whatever your preferences are.

So I spent the morning dealing with setting up this new company I thought of. It's to be called LeverEdge Ltd, and it has a very rudimentary website here.

LeverEdge, if successful, is the vehicle a small group of colleagues hopes to use to offer advanced knowledge management services. I know, that's pure gibberish. The idea behind it, however, is that many organizations have staff members with substantial knowledge in their minds. There may already be an institutional database with data and information (or two of them, or six), but it's the knowledge in the minds of the staff that really makes the difference. We think we know how to transform a largish chunk of that knowledge from its natural state of chaotic connections, associations, forgotten insights, secret tricks and so on and on, into formatted information that can be used for all sorts of things. Being helpful to a larger public in a user friendly way, for example.

Will it work? Who knows. But I intend to enjoy the attempt. Which in itself will be a novelty, because much of what I dealt with most of the time in recent years - administration, budgets, internal politics, personell, and the endless mill of officialdom - had ceased to interest me. So here goes....

(Tho not on this blog, which is not about to become a forum for LeverEdge-related matters).


Lydia McGrew said...

It would be interesting to try with cooking. Transferring secret tricks and stuff into a more formal form that could be used by others.

Anonymous said...

if I understand it correctly it sounds great
- as a former paralegal in intellectual property (foreign patent applications) I remember what a drag it was to find others like myself to chat about the everyday tricks of the trade i.e. the difference between written rules and real life
Strangely enough I started a databank of the content of my brain, the project was stopped because such small scale specialized computer use did not fit in the plans of (guess what) the management consultant of the day.
So, not just good luck, but super-luck to you!