Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Storm, One Day Later

The snow storm predicted yesterday: well..... Sort of. It snowed, yes. But not really, if by snow you mean crystals of white ice that pile up some inches deep, or many inches deep, and change the appearance of the landscape, while clogging up the traffic arteries and necessitating the municipality to clear the roads... What we got was some two inches of slush, and large quantities of precipitation that has been coming down since last night almost uninterrupted. Some of it is snow, some is hail, some is rain, all is cold, but not quite cold enough. In Boston, a few weeks ago, I saw snow. This is less defined.

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Lydia McGrew said...

Yeah, I saw on Dry Bones this video (unfortunately, the young woman in the video clip kept swearing, and my husband came out to the computer and said, "What is that?" and I felt stupid) of a young couple and their dog playing in the...snow? That's snow? It looked like icky, icy slush to me. The kind my four-year-old means when she says, "But it isn't pretty snow."

Now here, we've got snow. About eight inches. Very beautiful. Also a nuisance. But beautiful.