Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good for the Jews? Bad for the Jews?

Jews, being just like everybody else, tend to see the world through their own prism. Thus, no matter what happens in the world around them, they tend to ask themselves if it's good for the Jews or bad. Bird flu in Mongolia? Is this good for the Jews or bad? The election of a new figure to the town council of Big Littleplace in Mozambique: good for the Jews or bad? A new type of one-cell organism discovered by scientists in a puddle in Tasmania: good for the Jews or bad? Gotta keep priorities here, you know.

Here's an article in which Akiva Eldar ponders which American presidential candidate is good for the Jews. I don't always swear by Eldar, and even in this article he gets a bit convoluted and nit-picking down near the bottom, but his general thesis is correct: Which Jews? What's good for them?

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Lydia McGrew said...

That's his thesis? Actually, I think his actual perspective is showing a leeetle more than just saying, "Well, we have to ask which Jews we're talking about." It's exceedingly clear which side he's on in this one. Not exactly an article merely stating the obvious fact that different Jews have different ideas on the matter of what is good for Israel.