Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Next Genocide....

May be right next to the current one, down the road from where the previous (and not quite finished one) was, next door to the really bloody one, and it will actually be a continuation of the one before that.

If I wished to be sardonic I'd say: "But hey, they're all in Africa, Israel can't possibly be blamed for any of them, America can only be blamed obliquely and mostly for crimes of omission as the imperial power, and while you could blame colonialism it wouldn't be very convincing because it's two generations already since the colonialists left and the mass murders are happening now".

If I were Johann Hari I'd say: "Let's figure out which natural resource or other commodity exists in the area, and then blame the West for encouraging the local murders so as to acquire that commodity."

If I preferred to be a realist I'd say: If you can, choose the Danes or the Canadians as your neighbors. If that doesn't work, aim to align your interests with the interests of the powerful. And if that's not enough, be certain you yourself are powerful. In any case, never ever ever rely on the innate goodness of man, or even on the sense of justice of the family of man.

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