Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things you can Hear on Busses

As I've mentioned in the past, you meet all sorts of interesting people when you take buses. This afternoon I was on a bus down to Tel Aviv. One row behind me a uniformed soldier was taking on his cellphone to another soldier. From the sound of it, the second one was sitting in an office on their base filling out a report on some event they had recently been in, and wanted to be sure that they both remembered more or less the same. From what I could make out they had been in a jeep, and the jeep had been attacked, and someone had been wounded in his hand, and they reconstructed how many rounds of what sort of ammunition which of them had shot. At one point the guy doing the writing wasn't sure about some detail, if it needed to be put into the report or not, and my guy told him that it had happened, and needed to be in the report, and not to leave it out nor to worry. They had nothing to be ashamed of.

Taking the bus, as I've said, can be quite instructive.

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