Monday, February 11, 2008

Women in (Orthodox) Synagogues

Here's another attempt to move toward egalitarianism in Orthodox synagogues. And note the dynamics. Reform congregations by definition would never have any problem, since for them the needs of the age take precedent over the traditions of the ages. Conservative congregations - and note that they are conservative in relation to the Reform, not in relation to the Orthodox, who see than as merely another form of Reform - Conservative congregations would notice the problem, and would try to stay close to the Halacha, but only if they could also do what they intend to do anyway.

These folks are working within the Halacha, they accept its primacy, but they wish to find the ways to be innovative within its limits.

One of the main reasons that most Orthodox Jews reject many of the steps toward egalitarianism is not that they have no possible base in Halacha, but rather for their resemblance, perceived or not, to the Reform and Conservative movements.

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