Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Iran is Not a threat to Any Country"

Juan Cole has a long post up about Iran. As we all know, Cole is actually too easy a target, and I feel bad for spending so much time on him, but each time I resolve not to cite him again, along he comes with something ever more outrageous. This time he parades his control of Farsi to position himself as the scholar who knows things the rest of us can't, and then cherry picks some quotations from here there and the other to bolster his position. You can read the whole thing, if you want, or you can skip it, if you're in a good mood this Easter Sunday morning if that's the day it is for you. Here in Jerusalem it's the tail end of Purim, a holiday on which the Jews celebrate the collapse of a plan to slaughter all the Jews in the Persian Empire some 2600 years ago.

Mostly, I'm linking to his article so as to preserve it as a footnote for future reference.

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