Sunday, March 9, 2008

South Jerusalem Blog

Haim Watzman and Gershon Gorenberg have started a blog, titled South Jerusalem. I'm not certain what they're thinking when they introduce themselves as "Progressive": by some standards this can be a very serious moniker, by others it's merely a way to avoid the loaded term "Liberal" (in it's American meaning, which is almost the opposite of it's historical European connotation.)

Whatever. I fully expect their positions to be consistently to the left of those presented here at Ruminations, but the advantage these two have over their comrades in opinion outside of Israel is precisely that they're not (outside Israel). If you're here, and you hold your own society to implausible standards or castigate it for the wrong reasons, you'll be paying the price for being wrong in a way the outsiders never will; to me, that makes a world of difference. (Anyway, I used to hold their opinions, and never flinched when it came time to pay for them, so I can empathize).

So: go over and check them out. Maybe you'll like them.

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Haim Watzman said...

Thanks for the plug!
We won't avoid saying what we think, but we'll also challenge the canards of the far left, as I do in my post today, see
We're out to make the best case we can, not trumpet slogans. We'll be happy to be challenged by you and your readers.