Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Science, not Fiction

For all you science fiction buffs: here is an ostensibly serious article about a purportedly serious scientist, published in a demonstrably non-serious publication, which claims that much of the technology written off as fiction in that genre you like so much, could actually be realized sooner or later.

Women readers need not follow the link. I've never yet encountered a woman who thinks science fiction is worth the time, nor even heard of the existence of such a woman. As a matter of fact, even the guys among you might want to be circumspect while following the link, given that what we read is what we're worth.

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Anonymous said...

For the record.. I am a woman and very much LOVE science fiction. I prefer it to all other genres, Star Wars is my all time favorite series of movies, I have well over 200 of the novels and probably around 500 of the comics. As well as over 200 other science fiction and fantasy novels.
My husband isn't even as big a fan as me, but we're working on that slight flaw hehe.