Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Checkpoints Save Lives

A young woman serving in a military police unit near Nablus identified a Palestinian teenager who was about to detonate an explosive belt.

He will now go into the statistics of dead Palestinian children, and the checkpoint will continue to be counted in the statistics of cruel Israeli measures of repression.

I'm not even being facetious. These are all facts.


Anonymous said...


Don't let the arabs lie that the man, wrapped in an explosive belt, was 16. Because today's Jerusalem Post says he was 20.

When you're twenty you've waved behind ya, your teenage years.

Oh, and my compliments to the IDF. Ordinary citizens have to serve. Males and females, alike. And, from the way these shots were fired?

Here, you'd learn that target practice makes perfect. And, instantaneously, the homocidal maniac was DOWN! (American police can't shoot as well. Besides, they'd have to aim for the knees.)

In Israel, you've got a population trained well. For this reason, I don't think you'll see stampedes of arabs trying to run loose through the streets.

In this case, it's worth noticing that the checkpoint did not have advance notice. This was ON THE SPOT decision making at its best.

Yes, the arabs pay a fortune to create this VEXING PROBLEM. What they hope to do? Get Israelis so excited they'd opt to "go to war" and expend their treasure on an unwinnable fight. Unwinnable because the UN won't let you keep any more territory. Now, what would you want it for? You need more arabs? Better are locusts.

But the arabs, when they can't get an over-reaching response ... they're not gaining ground, either.

Don't let the pants dancing diplomats fool ya. They're no closer to a win, than a horse that's still inside the stable.

Lydia McGrew said...

I believe this is the bomber at one of the checkpoints Rice wants dismantled, yes? One wonders if such facts could make a difference to her.

Probably not.