Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Antisemitic Palestinian Schoolbooks

According to this report, Abbas was willing to take the first steps toward cleaning the Palestinian schoolbooks of their standard staple of hatred, but Hamas has reversed the trend and is adding purely antisemitic themes to their schoolbooks.

Lest you think it's only Hamas, listen to Jamal Zakkaut, spokesman for PA Prime Minister Salam Fayad, perhaps the most moderate Palestinian leader around:
the main cause for Palestinian ill will toward Israel is not the textbooks, but Israel's many checkpoints in the West Bank, the separation barrier and military operations in Palestinian towns.
None of which were in place when the Palestinians rejected the partition offered them in 2000. No matter: Zakkout is aiming his comments at the majority of people who can't remember that far back, to the dawn of the century.

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Anonymous said...


Well, so far the professional journalists; and their hair-blown counterparts on TV, are a dying breed.

How do I know? Well, the one thing that's been measured is that the audiences are evaporating.

I'm also reminded that during WW2 hitler owned a "world-class" propaganda machine. And, it's not as if people didn't know they were being lied to. Only that it was dangerous to go out into the streets, to complain. Here? You'd learn that police are viscious bullies. And, average citizens are safer targets than say, mafia goons.

Meanwhile, we all know the claims palestinians (if you want to call them that), are making.

While if you just look a bit closer; you'd see the Saud's did not climb into the "top notch." Which was exactly what this president Bush tried to do. So, all you get are the re-cycled sewerage.

On the other hand? Most people don't know arabs are like tribes-people. You draw borders. But they draw familial ties. And, the two don't even overlap.

As to the propaganda; I happen to like "free speech." So, I'm glad it's in view. It's very similar to pornography. Where, when you see it, you judge. But nobody else's blue nose needs to interfere.

Yes, the palestinians are running with their claims. And, to most people? Well ... how can I say this?

IF this was an old Cowboy and Indian movie, I wouldn't have to tell you who were judged the good guys. And, who were the bad guys. Even though the dialog was very limited. Perhaps? A good guy strummed a guitar. But didn't say much. And, the bad guys, nearly buck naked, toodled around on top of horses, shooting arrows. Until they fell.

Most interesting to me? Those early black and white hollywood productions were made when JEWS ruled the cash registers! And, a few Jewish men made fortunes.

Just an aside: James Cagney (growing up among Jews), was fluent in Yiddish. Go figa. He'd be called in by the top Jews to get his contract made up. And, over his head, the Jews would be yelling back and forth in YIDDISH. James Cagney was a good actor. He didn't let on that he knew what the schmucks were saying. And, he did well in terms of renumeration.

It's the same all over again.

Whatever is passing for "news" ... isn't.

Me? I'd like to see Victor Ostrovsky publish yet another book. Where he weaves the Israeli right wing takeover of Mossad, into the Morris Talansky story.


Because there's more bumps under the surface than you can count right now.

And, liberal journalists are too dumb to even know their customer bases are evaporating.

Free Speech is a good thing! It lets people make up their own minds.

You see sympathy for gazoo? I don't.

Alas, I don't see sympathy from Americans for ANY arabs. All of them are now viewed as "sub-culture." And, Iraq is BAD ... first of all because Bush went in there with the idea he could give this country TO the sunnis. (Who even used terror funding to "Scare" Maliki. And, then? In Irak, 3-million sunnis began to run. Some of them are still stuck at the borders with jordan and syria. And, no. I do not wonder why.

Nor do I need any more propaganda to help me figure things out.

Oh. The indians in America "didn't make it." (They ran affoul of business interests.) Which should teach ya the mafia is small potatoes in comparison.

Also, just because hollywood hasn't covered this story; doesn't mean money isn't gonna be made, ahead. How? By video games that will give you plenty of opportunities to "play along." And, "How."

"HOW" was one of the two words I remember indians had as dialog, in those old Westerns. And, ya know what else? They're not forgotten. Even though the cowboys, and their horses, are long since dead.