Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bribery Not Recognized for Tax Exemptions

Israel's Supreme Court has ruled that companies that pay bribery probably shouldn't be allowed to tote up the sums for tax exemption purposes. Nice of them, huh?

The company claimed that when dealing in the former Soviet Union, there's no other way of doing business, but the court still felt it was a bad idea.

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Anonymous said...


Well, just like politicians elected to legislatures, what do judges know about business? NOTHING!

As to "doing business in the former soviet union," which is alas, now, only Putin's private preserve ... I have no idea if anything coming out of there is still any good?

During Iran Contra "fame" ... Robert Maxwell was the go-between between russian bankers; and a bunch of Israelis, and others, with at least $450,000,000 million in profits ... they wanted to know ... IF the banks in russia, once allowing the money in, would also allow withdrawals.

Well, you weren't dealing with the swiss, here!

As to the truth of things; what businesses will do in the future ... is steer clean and clear of the "mother land." And, do a lot of things off-shore. Especially given the growth of the Web. And, if you can't declare real losses to your business ... as they affect profits ... it's just another example of how judges have the powers to rule. But they might as well all be sitting on toilet seats.

Up ahead, "da law" is gonna suffer. People lose respect, quickly. And, you can't regain those customers ... once they think "you're full of it."

And, no one's more full of it now, than the Israelis. Why? Because unlike Harvard that put clamps on letting bright Jewish kids in;

Here, you've got them wall to wall.

By the way, off topic. Yesterday, up at Drudge, was a post that said NOW American kids are learning to "go for dual citizenships" in EUROPE. So? Well, if they've got grandparents who came to America; those "back countries" will offer dual citizen passports. And, this is the clincher. If you own an American passport, you can work in America. PERIOD. If you have a dual-passport from anywhere in the EU, you can work in 27 different states.

Ya know what? I got impressed.

There's more than one way to spell "Diaspora."

Oh, by the way, I notice the Knesset is debating a law that will take away, from your "supreme-o's" the right to decide anything to do with religious matters. So, the lawyers who've made a business of helping people affirm that they are Jewish ... will be "misplaced."

It's just another view of the way Israel can tank, ahead. Without even one arab in sight.

What are these people smoking? Hmm? Want some of it, too?