Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Free, Independent, and Thinking Media

A young woman who makes her living from making documentary films took advantage of her connections and managed to make a film about life in Olmert's inner circle. Apparently some years ago she worked for him, so he trusted her to give a fair portrayal. And indeed, there is nothing in this article to suggest she didn't. However, she had the bad luck to complete the production just at a moment when no self respecting journalist or editor of any sort of media outlet could afford to say anything favorable about Olmert. So her film was deleted from the program.

It's so reassuring to know that our media places self regulation above giving us citizens raw information that might confuse us. That they keep track of the plot line, the good guys and the bad guys, and try not to let us mix them up.

Another group who are also protecting us from unnecessary confusion is the State Prosecution. According to the front page of Maariv this morning, Olmert cannot give interviews these days because the prosecution has warned him that this could be construed as obstruction of a criminal investigation, since inevitably any interviewer would ask him about all those bad things he has done, and by responding he would be cuing his fellow conspirators about his line of defense, assuming of course that his fellow conspirators follow the media.

As I've consistently said so far, I don't know if Olmert is or isn't a crook. What I do know is that the process is a travesty of justice.


Anonymous said...


Ah, "On The Other Hand," ...

When I was growing up, I thought this was the Jewish way of flipping coins. To help you make a decision.

Your articles are great, Ya'acov. Because I, too, sat, concerned that a schlepp like Morris Talansky could go from America (where we have a wall separating the secular from the religious) ... And, he could just go into Israel, and start talking away about how generous Americans give cash. (While at the same time Pollard stays in jail. And, AIPAC is also on the ropes; being investigated for "trying to impede the work of the US Congress. How? By showing favoritism to Israel. I kid you not.)

Oh, so many Israelis know that Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, and Bibi Netanyahu, have enriched themselves, through politics. One way or another. And, this remains a "secret."

Like the March of Dimes, IF you can find a topic where people will put some "change" ... your organization can grow rich and fat. Doesn't have to be the March of Dimes. It could be the Red Cross; where it was made famous during WW2 that they'd charge American front-line soldiers a dime, for a cup of coffee.

You think just because people give, that big organizations remain pure and virginal? I kid you not.

You think Katsav did anything more than "fall for" a gal in his office, who was a Fatal Attraction? How come an American film maker made a movie of what happens when men take off their pants, and then change their minds, and want to go home to their wives?

What happens when you realize sex is so pervasive, every single living human gets to have hormonal activities. Not pure thoughts.

Okay. Shimon Peres ends up in Katsav's old job. But Katsav has balked. And, also? Hidden from view is the crazy accuser, who also, when she got angry at her landlord, burned down her apartment. I kid you not.

You need to read Victor Ostrovsky to know something went wrong?

You haven't read SHUT UP! I'M TALKING, about a Canadian kid who gets hired by the Israeli UN Mission. And, he ends up writing speeches, not as staff employee; but as a diplomat. Because he can't work in the USA with a Canadian passport. So, Mekel, the Ambassador just hires him under another category. I kid you not.

Silvan Shalom, who was Foreign Minister, and where this kid, Gregory Levey wrote his UN speech ... To be on television LIVE, in Israel, compromised with others ... giving away Israel goodies ... to switch places with someone else. Where by speaking "out of turn" ... he got the prime time he wanted.

His English? Stinks. Levey put in the word "Atonement." Big at Yom Kippur. But Silvan Shalom couldn't pronounce it. SO, there ya go. He's the Foreign Minister, in his underwear, with the suited up Levey sitting there, and prompting him.

How many ways can you say "A-twone-ment?" I dunno. I thought it was a simple English word. I kid you not. The scenes are very funny.

Meanwhile, I happen to like Olmert.

I even noticed how Shimon Peres, advertised by Arik Sharon as "The Man in #2." Wasn't in that chair when Sharon's crazy doctors, injecting him with rat poison, then said "they were surprised he stroked." They shouldn't have been.

But Olmert emerges as being in Seat #2. And, it also turns out that the affible Olmert is getting shredded by the stinkers who have access to MOSSAD stooges ... And, others. As if this were merely a game.

Okay. I also know that Bibi Netanyahu didn't do so well when Olmert bested him in those March elections. In 2006. So what did Bibi do? He decided "he wanted to be outside of government."

And, other players came in to take seats in the portfolios Olmert handed out, WISELY.

I say "wisely" because he put people into jobs they couldn't win on their own.

And, Bibi, in a snit, has been attacking Olmert.

Where the "two men are the same" are in the English language abilities. BOTH MEN REALLY CAN TALK THE TALK!

And, picking between them, President Bush went with Olmert.

Timing in the theater is everything. SO, I'll assume the same for politics.

Morris Talansky, given a clear signal to "go ahead," (probably by the MOSSAD) ... hasn't been swimming in successful waters. And, NO, he didn't expect rough seas. Morris Talansky is an idiot.

As to Americans? Let me tell ya this. A long time ago, lots of New Yorkers fit Talansky's profile. They worked in the "schmata industries" all along Broadway. Lower than where there were theaters. Today? This business has taken a hike to China. And, Morris Talansky is not fluent in Chinese. Most Americans who don't know a Jew from a hole in the wall, could be fooled. To everyone else? He's the stinker at the temple, embroiled in silly temple politics ... so that in each and every year more Amerian Jews just "leave."

Israel held a special place. But, believe it or not, you can lose goodwill.

While it seems to me OLMERT has the GOODWILL of the President of the United States. And, with Obama poised to be the democrapic nominee ... lots of people are holding their breaths. Collectively. Or not.

Mazuz' big trick is to use the press to push his claims that his "indictments are coming." No. They are not! But by now? Ya know what?

IF Morris Talansky had been a better success (and not just a vaudevillian ... where vaudeville is dead) ... You'd see streams of Israelis going to Rabin Square with hand-made painted signs. Telling Olmert to "go home."

Just an aside when tricks have been tried before. Bill Clinton also had the sewer thrown at him. Proving you can know all about Monica's fat ass; and still see that he didn't have to leave the Presidency. (Hillary's negatives are another story. For another time.) Or, perhaps? Bill Clinton always knew how to provoke sympathy.

And, Olmert has always been a very good, back-slapping friend. Not one you often see in Israeli politics.

I don't know what happens ahead. But Olmert is the only person I know who can "save Kadima." And, keep the Likud's hands off the power the right wing nutters once knew.

For Israelis, this is like watching a chess board.

The press wants to push Livni. (Well? Hillary's ass wasn't so easy to push. But then the press, here, prefer Obama.)

That's what makes politics, like soap operas, interesting.

Mazuz probably thinks he will be long since dead when the ugly truths tumble out of the bag.

Meanwhile? People are trying to find ways to keep Shimon Peres, now 87 years old ... in the presidency ... for longer than it's capped 7-year run.

So? Sometimes I just laugh.

The press has also tried to destroy any successes in Iraq, where Bush did have a very large learning curve.

I'll help you out. Bush started out with the Saud's wish list. And, it turned out Olmert saw some good things on it! Including a good way to divest Israel of the palestinians ... that, no, you cannot push on either Eygpt or Jordan.

Lebanon? The hashish capital of the world. The other arm to Afghanistan. WHere one grows the world's best marijuana. And, the other, poppy. Why? Because Islam doesn't allow alcohol.

And, people, being people, walk along well-worn paths. Will you drink to that?

Anonymous said...


If I could only talk to Venessa Lapa!

I'd tell her that what Olmert told her, in the re-interiew is TRUE! The crazy right (including helpers from the MOSSAD), are very busy at work destroying ... or trying to destroy, Olmert.

From here? I can see President Bush really offered Olmert the required safety-net. So that the Talansky affair sits there like a giant turd in the room. As on man wants to admit it dropped out of his pants!

Please keep notes!

Victor Ostrovsky, today, is an admired man. And, he's safe. In Phoenix, Arizona. He had to leave Canada, because Canada turned out not to be "safe." And, the MOSSAD is still unaware of its slide on the downside.

Olmert is actually known to be affable.

Even Dresner, who writes for Ha'Aretz, recently included this fact in one of his hit pieces. Which looked like a baseball hitting the bat and fouling out. But he said, you can see humanity in Olmert.

And, yes, he really liked Lapid. So there, alone, I'd be interested in viewing Lapa's film.

Does Channel 2 do its shows in English?

Anyway, since this site is written in English; I'm going to assume that Vanessa speaks English. And, she should realize something most foul is turning politics now.

Heck, me? I think Arik SHaron's cardiologists were garbage. How dare they stick rat poison into him. And, thru injections, yet! You didn't know Heparin was first used to kill rats? Hello. Find a good doctor, and ask. And, run from the creeps that could do this to Arik Sharon!

Likud is DESPERATE! Are they winning?

If you have to ask me, then I'm going to assume you've noticed that in the passage of time ... Olmert's pretty saavy about how the presstitudes work. Nixon wasn't! But Bill Clinton, even with his pants around his ankles, survived!

It's just a matter of building sympathy.

Most people are more normal than you think.

And, most people decide what's fair. They're not going to some putz of a rabbi with these questions.

If anything? Because time passes ... Vanessa Lapa can squeeze out as much of a story on these trying times, as anybody.

Heck, you thought Victor Ostrosky's words would end up being worth their weight in gold?

Yes, the MOSSAD is powerful! Yes, you can see when they go to work, they can even turn a Steven Spielberg film (Munich), into a box office bomb.


Movies don't disappear anymore.

You can go to Amazon and buy DVD's.

And, hopefully the $70,000 given to Lapa for her film-making abilities ... doesn't give Channel 2 a chance to silence her.

Of course, here in America, Channel 2 is also See-BS. And, in that particular case, a stupid move by Dan Rather destroyed its reputation.

Good for you, Ya'acov. I'm developing quite a soft-spot for your honesty. There's hope when a religious man is honest. Just like Lot.