Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jewish State in Germany

Some airy-headed fellow has decided there needs to be a Jewish State in Thuringia. He feels the idea "is in the air", and also:
"I'm very serious about the process and what it does, which is make people ask questions [as well as] create a dialogue and conflict."
As if there aren't enough real things in the world to discuss. On the other hand, he's got me relating to him, even though he doesn't deserve it, so he does seem to have some ability.


Anonymous said...


Diaspora, for thousands of years, has been good for Jews. Even when you add in the local hostilities; Jews could settle practically anywhere. Where they learned to gather and call together communities. All sorts, by the way!

Yes, when Isabella chased Jews out of Spain, some wandered quite fire. To Poland. And, beyond the Pale. As a matter of fact, coming into Poland were less than a thousand people. And, what we've lost because of anti-Semitism; was how good it got in Poland. From time to time.

In today's world, post WW2, you could see the crumbling of the old anti-Semitic structure. Believe it, nor not!

Yes, I heard with my own ears, priests accusing Jews of having killed their lord. What surprises me now, when I do remember this, is that I have a friend who is Catholic. Who still goes all the time to Church. (But only she goes. She's lost her husband, who divorced her. And, her son moved to the East Coast.) And, even with hearing all the blather of how her lord died. And, how she tells me "not to take his name in vane, because I am able to say "Jesus" at times when things look bungled; she is still my friend. All the time the priests spent with her. And, yes, it's an ingrained belief; she's not consumed by anti-Semitism at all. It's worth noticing.

If in your surroundings you see what once was is fast disappearing ... then you're privy to information the kids being born, today, will not know.

I have no idea if people will go back to Germany. Or not. It's part of the EU.

And, in one article Drudge linked to the other day, it seems Americans are discovering "dual citizenship" ... only because an American passport creates problems when you want to work in a foreign country. And, if you apply for a "dual" citizenship arrangement, all you need to show is one of your grandparents came from any one of the 27 countries, that have opened their borders to each other.

Heck, the biggest beneficiary of technology is Ireland. It's been said the lunacy in Belfast came to an end. And, this could only have happened when JOBS moved in. And, people came from other places, to settle in Ireland. To take advantage of a beautiful country, that had a brain drain. And, then Catholic lunacy leading to terror. To BIG BUSINESS coming in and cleanig up the "old perverbial block."

Every single country goes through periods of time when a lot of citzens "pack and leave." Here, in the USA, the country itself is so big, you lose site of the ones who leave New York City, or even Atlanta, for the boonies. Or Arizona. Or even the Dakotas. America provices great choices.

Israel does not. Will there be a Diaspora? The Russians who came in really wanted to go to Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn. Until the USA shut the doors, in. So, they opted for Israel.

Dunno which group decides migrating is fine. But who says "not?" That it can't happen.

When the Mayflower, off course, landed at Plymouth Rock, it didn't take one generation for the kids to decide living at home was bad. And, cutting into the forest to move inward, made sense. Indian encounters, and all.

Humans don't bog down. Families split and divide.

But there's one thing about going back to Germany; Yiddish as a language that encompassed so many Jewish groups, is now just limited to the Chassidim. And, their Kletzmer bands.

On the other hand, has there ever been an age when people didn't travel? Even if it meant on wooden boats.

After the Civil War the railroad barons made a big effort to send out men who recruited whole villages to "drop everything" and come to America. In those days if less than 50 people undertook the trip, the trip would be a bust. And, most everybody just went home.

History doesn't record, too much, the passages back.

And, Germany ain't what it used ta be, either.

Anonymous said...


Gee, ya know, it begs the question. Since there are Jews living in so many areas of the world; that the Mossad (at least according to Victor Ostrovsky), said they were available for recruitment as "volunteers." To this day, Pollard was considered such a schmuck.)

Morris Talansky is now stepping up to the plate, to prove that an American Jew with money, can interfere in Israeli politics.

And, it's one of the Mossad's favorite methods; to schmear candidates they'd like to hurt. Like they did to Yizchak Rabin, back in 1977. When they shouted out that Rabin's wife had a bank account in America.

All you need to do is be in charge of passing laws; and you can write up anybody you want.

It's sort'a like the American scheme of grand juries. In the Constitution, Americans are led to believe they can always "call their lawyer." But the lawyers aren't allowed into grand jury rooms.

I call this to your attention, to show you how easy it is to use something to schmear a politician. Since Bill Clinton was called on the carpet. By Ken Starr. Who then took the grand jury testimony public. How? He sent it to Congress.

In the American system the congress critters are actually the ones "who write the laws." So, they published the grand jury testimony. Where Bill Clinton was forced to testify without his lawyer present. Without a judge. And, no one shouting out (as they would in a court of law "I object.")

Of course, Ken Starr dreamt of becoming a Chief Justice.

Now, Kozinski, who is considered a genius on the 7th or 9th circuit, just got caught with a computer screen containing an act where a man is definitely "doing it with an animal." Both male.

While Ken Starr dropped into the Chancelor's chair at Pepperdine. A right wing law college. With a grand location: Santa Monica. It's still far out. And, not likely to be much of a threat to Yale or Harvard.

In other words? Ken Starr benefitted enough from his behaviors to land on his feet.

Well? So, too, did Shimon Peres.

But, I'll bet ya, Shimon Peres kicks the presidential furniture ... because? He thinks he should be prime minister.

And, some dork of a journalist thinks Israel needs to have a "second state" in Germany.

Might as well mention this. The Germans don't stand a chance.

So far? Nothing can compete with Israel being in the Mideast.

And, nothing can compete with the reality that there are a lot of rich Jews in America, who think that their money "talks."

Even the Saud's money doesn't even talk much, beyond the circle where they can throw it around.

In America, Bush is leaving with a reputation for being something of a disaster.

Does it matter? Check out Ken Starr. Lots of disasters leave; and nothing gets fixed. I say this because prosecutors can get ham sandwiches indicted in front of grand juries.

You got a better system?