Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6th

June 6th 1944: D-Day
June 6th, 1967: The 1st day of the Six Days War
June 6th, 1982: The beginning of the [first] Israel-Lebanon war.

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Anonymous said...


June 6, 1979: My son was born.

Today, is his birthday. So, he took the day off from work to meet with friends. He told me he's glad I "gave him a long weekend." Nu?

Please don't make dates magical.

Not that I can't play along.

IF America decides to "hit" Iran ... which it could do from sea and air ONLY ... then, what if the date for this is Julyt 4th?

Would you say I was prescient?

Or would you say that Bush would look for a date when lots of people were enjoying "their long vacation." And, weren't paying attention.

I remember reading, once, that Americans, by and large, don't even pay attention to politics during the summer. They wait for Labor Day. And, then they decide.

True? Who knows. But Dan Rather waited for a date (it may have been in September, or early October), to go on 60 Minutes, and LIE about Bush's "in-action" during America's Viet Nam war years. TO NO AVAIL!

Heck, it blew CBS right out of the water!

But if you want to pick a date; go ahead.

July 4th, here, is known for its fireworks.

And, most of the media types are away from their desks. Need I remind you?

But the Internet is 24/7. Check Drudge every morning, and you'll know what's considered news.

But only when it happens.