Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Look at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Michael Fox has had a peek at the Protocols and comes back to tell that they're visibly rubbish on all levels.

He's right, of course, but it makes no difference. Back when I was at the university I remember learning that the Protocols were the third most popular book in the history of mankind, with only the Bible and Mao's Little Red Book topping it. This was before Harry Potter, and Mao has proven less than durable, so perhaps the top of the list looks a bit different these days, but not much. The moral of the story, of course, being that not only is there no connection between facts and antisemitism; there doesn't even need to be any connection between common sense, or even simply good writing. Along with all their other problems, The Protocols are simply extraordinarily BORING, yet even that never dents their (ongoing) sales figures.


Anonymous said...


Glad you mention the books you get to read when you go to college.

From my own experience, where I finally went when I turned 50; I had the good luck of having one of the best professors, EVER! I approached him, once, and asked "Why do I have to read Marx?" And, he responded that real knowledge comes from reading your critics. For they are the ones who hone in on your weaknesses.

If you only want to read the works of people with whom you agree; you'll lose valuable insight.


So, yes. The crap is out there. In today's world, hitler turned out to be the worst affliction that ever hit germany. Worse than Attila the Hun. Worse for humanity. And, for EUrope? Like a chalk line, hitler divides what was once a great continent, into the dying embers you see, today. With inroads made by muslims.

But you and I cannot see the future. So we don't know where all this will go.

All we do know is that in 1974, the Sauds, and OPEC, took a gun and held up the west. Even though all they have, really, is the real estate with the oil. Not one of them knows how to turn this into a business. (And, as to the banks, they're hitler's bankers in Switzerland. They get even richer when others die.)

Anyhoo. Starting in 1974 the Sauds used all their wealth and leverage to tell the USA to "stop looking at what they're doing." And, for some reason, the circle into which they throw their money ... at diplomatic pants dancers. Brought them their "rewards."

For the short term? Islam was turned on its head. And, it went Wahabbi vicious.

Keep your eye on this. Because from my point of view, Ben-Gurion, not enamored of any of the Jewish schools of thought; tossed "the bone" to Israel's religious radicals.

And, this is what I'm saying. Ben-Gurion did this on purpose! Because he didn't want a thriving, arguing Jewish community setting new standards of growth. He wanted it lop-sided. And, that's what he got.

Can this bode ill?

In my book all radicals eventually die on the vine. There's no one left to prune out the madness.

And, Islam, which once functioned as a "family business" ... where all locals were able to go into any community in the world ... and find other muslims, has actually broken down. (You just don't see it!)

Nobody can foresee anything ahead. It's a timeless mirage until it comes to pass.

And, it's not as if the secular world is lacking a "crowned head," to begin. ALBERT EINSTEIN. Not only "saw the light," but explained it.

And, as long as there's human intelligence on earth, Einstein will be seen as prescient.

Go ahead. Laugh. Jesus, himself, wasn't famous among Jews, during his life span. Yes. He headed a cult.

Cults aren't the same thing.

What made the story grow? Perhaps the fact that you could join without being circumcised. Even though "Yeho-shoe-a" was definitely circumcised.

And, yes, originally the cult members lived in caves to hide from prosecution.

Know what I'm saying? The haydays of the Catholic Church are over. Kaput. And, when europe began rising ... because in 1500 Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe ... which brought an entire new middle class into being ... (Ships. My dear. Ships carrying cargo. Made a lot of people rich.)

Also? In England the pope got into a fight with Henry the 8th. With the consequences being that Henry took the church's large properties into his court. And, he dispersed these land rights to his friends. The aristocrats. And, believe it or not, the lines to this wealth still exist. Nobody gave nothing back to the pope. Go ahead. Check it out.

History lets you look back to see what went on.

For the future? You have to guess.

Me? I'll put my money on secular. The mainstream avenue for folks from all sorts of belief systems to meet and greet. (Or to kill the savages.)

As I once said about the American Indians, and Las Vegas. Two cases where you can see the "shift." Big business came in and tossed the louses out.

For Las Vegas? It just meant a trip for the mafia to go back to Chicago.

The indians were less lucky. They were starved out.

Oh, europeans haven't been totally pushed up against the wall, yet. But they're getting a belly full of the march of Islam, as it eats at the fabric of what makes countries free.

Just remember this. Everything, when it comes to current events, is always in flux. Don't put your eggs into the basket of idiots. And, yes. You can tell idiiots from other stock, just by how much they know the math that underwrites Einstein. Be my guest.

Lydia McGrew said...

In Chaim Potok's _In the Beginning_ he has a character say that they should spread a rumor that sales of the Protocols are going to fund the Jewish takeover of the world and maybe this would slow the sales.

I don't know if this is some sort of commonplace joke in the Jewish community that nobody thinks is funny anymore or if it's original with Potok.