Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Interests make us Right

Remember Kosovo? That complicated sliver of the Balkans where nobody pretends to respect international law, international institutions, international norms or anything else, and everybody acts according to their interests, just like in the real world?

Well, the saga drags on. At the moment, if I've managed to follow this report, the EU is arraigned with the Americans against the UN, except for the parts of the EU which are against the EU and are siding with the Russians, who are strengthening the resolve of the UN not to cave in to the EU.

Or something like that.

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Anonymous said...


Cat fight in a whore house. Nothing more. And, nothing less.

By the way, Putin is russia. There's nothing else holding anything up. But this thief. He makes a lot of noise.

But since when is noise effective against the future winds? You see no wind-down?

I think for the past 20 or 30 years ... there's been tectonic plates shifting around. (That's the stuff that "moves" land masses.)

Even in Israel. The Left that Ben Gurion set into motion, crapped out on Golda Meir's watch. (And, yes, Menachem Begin probably wasn't all that popular. Since her party kept "swaying in the breezes" ... and holding onto power. Until 1977.) When Begin came into the prime minister's seat, Jimmuh Carter was president of the USA. And, journalists proved with enough fuel to start a camp fire; they could get Nixon to resign. He did.

To resign, however, means Nixon wasn't sure of how to keep his Oval Office chair.

You laugh?

Take a look at Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton got a significant number of Americans to give him the compassion he needed to stay in office. While Ken Starr used up GOP "good will."

Okay. "Good will" isn't the best word to use when you're talking about politicians, and their skills.

But staying in office when there's a progresive campaign to get you out ... THAT INVOLVES THE COUNTRY'S TOP LAWYERS ... (Just in case you thought Bob Woodward acted alone) ... You'd get to see WHY some people on the political stage just die.

And, why a man like Lawrence Olivier can forget half his lines. And, while on stage you still seem him as an effective lion.

If I had to guess? Bill Clinton benefitted from the Monica story. And, if Olmert does? Some journalist, ahead, might even conceive writing a book about all the shinanigans.

While in Israel the power play, now, is shifting, again. And, those on the RIGHT are desperate. Keep your eyes on them. Not a day can go by without some "mishigas attempt" at forcing elections, early, takes place.

As to the Russians? They are still crushed. Go ahead. Point to a time that the Russians ever benefitted from leadership. Referring to Tolstoy doesn't count.