Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shock and Awe at the Guardian

It appears that a significant majority of the British electorate doesn't quite believe the sacred tenets of the Church of Global Warming.This is very bad if the government is to severely hamper the lifestyle of its subjects, especially since the subjects are voters. True, the educated people generally know the truth and support the rituals, but there aren't enough of them to swing elections.

Me, I've been against pouring gook into the atmosphere since the late 1960s, long before the creation of the Church of Global Warming. But alas, I'm a believer in doing so in ways that play on people's greed, not against it. Find a way to have clean energy cheaper than dirty energy, then sit back and watch the Saudis and other OPEC folks shrivel back to their natural size.


Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

I sometimes feel sorry for the Zionists. Not that they will care, but I do pity them. The Zionists deny themselves the opportunity to take ANY progressive stance on ANY subject.

I have no idea if the Church of Global Warming is right or wrong. I do know, however, that Zionists don't oppose it based on the merits of their case. They oppose it because its members are usually critics of the Zionist entity, or, in Zio-lingo, Israel bashers.

Which is part of a whole pattern of embracing or rejecting positions according to their propounders' stand on Israel. As if they followed a flow chart that would look like this:

READ article by person X
LET C="X's opinion on Israel"
IF C="positive" THEN
---WRITE "I agree with X's article"
ELSE IF C="negative" THEN
---WRITE "I disagree with X's article"

Of course in actual practice it's somewhat more sophisticated than that; some kind of argument will be made to justify the agreement or disagreement. But basically it's because of Israel.

Anonymous said...


We live in a world where opinions are free. I guess, if they cost money, people would be careful how they handled them? And, lots of them wouldn't approach circulation surrounded by the sounds of farting.

You know, there's a reason "global warming" isn't quite the fashion, the "limosine liberals" were hoping it to be.

But if you ever wondered what happened to Jews who could barely scrape by; so they embraced socialism, and all its ills. Is to see Jews getting wealthy, and those who remain "in a click" ... grow into limosine liberals, where others drive. And, they just relax in the back.

Sure. I can't speak for everyone. But I've noticed other groups; as they get wealthy, tend to grow conservative. (And, yes. I'm a Jew who thinks in lots of ways she's grown that way. Or at least independent. Free of the usual baggage.) I also know what got left behind. Yiddish comedians, and better Jewish talent on the stage.

Not that there's room for complaint. Everything's in flux.

And, from technology; it seems to be the one item not provided by politicians; but by industry. Different wealth cycles.

And, if you hate the smog; and the crowded streets; life offers choices to ya. Where ya can now pick up and pretty much work out of your home, over the Internet. Saves on gas, too.

While the really successful opted for more homes, and less children.

What's it like to see a kid going to a limosine liberal's school? The first thing you'd notice is that all the parents are successful, on the same scale they'd be successful if they bought winning lottery tickets. So, yes. They are an exclusive group.

Today's Jerusalem Post carries a comment by Olmert that the days of massive aliyas have ended. And, I agree.

Is the word Zion Hertzl's? Does it still apply? When Arik Sharon boldly stepped forward to create his first party; Shlom Zion, he pretty much only won two seats. And, so, he "joined Likud."

While another most interesting factor, today, is that the countries (all 27 of them), that compose the European Union, are offering dual-citizenship. And, ya know what? According to an article posted to Drudge; even American kids see the benefit in dual-citizenship. Where all they have to prove is that a grandma or grandpa exited "their country" never to go back. And, the dual-citizenship opens EMPLOYMENT DOORS.

In other words, if you can get it, you got a ticket to work in any one of 27 European locations. And, you bet this is good news! As far as I know, only the uber-ultra religious raise children not to hold jobs.

Yes. At one time this made Jewish women very strong! Men prayed. Women brought home the bacon. Okay. But it was Kosher in those days. (Italian women, too, ruled their roosts by demanding from their husbands that they turn over their paychecks on Fridays. And, they got what they wanted. They, too, were frugal. And, had lots of kids. And, the families pushed themselves into the middle-class.)

Just in case you think to be Italian means to be mafia, you'd be wrong!

And, ditto for this trip called "Zion." Hard enough to see the word Israel printed on world maps. You don't need to complicate things any further.

Also, as a "religious destination," that's where Israel gets its most turmoil. You've got Greek Othodox. With the Greeks now cooperating with the IAF. You've got Turkey. With a long history of country-to-country cooperation. You've got the Vatican. (Still full of perverts. But they're more worried, rather than less worried, these days.) All by itself, you could write a whole Magilla. (Cutty.)

We can look back over 3,000 years; and see the shifting sands. How, when the First Temple was destroyed, Judaism was not destroyed! And, how the ancient Greeks and Romans, who had their own problems with each other; also disliked the Jews. Those "operations" are gone, now. Which shows ya what "poppa in the sky, forgot to tell his flying son. Before it happened."

All of us are stuck with "what comes after." And, here, I'm not so sure the Holocaust hasn't created more changes than those which occurred with the destruction of the First Temple.

No. I can't tell the future. Nor can you.

Only that Israel is poised. And, in good shape.

While, oddly enough, it's the Saud's who may have bitten the wrong end of success?

Most arab states, when they're left to their own devices, run undemocratically weak governments. ALL. Got that?

While the obscene wealth collected by the Sauds, which they can't carry around with them in their pockets, is "safely" deposited in Switzerland.

German Jews did that. And, through hitler the Swiss became stinking wealthy. And, you can't touch them where they bank. PERIOD. You might as well go spit in the ocean.

On the other hand?

What if 25,000 Sauds "lose." Lose their gamble. You've got Iran, hostile. The Shi'ites in Irak, hostile. And, the palestinians "unassymilated, wherever they may squat.

For this reason I see problems ahead. Just as I see problems behind. For the Sauds. Because too many people hate them.

Just in case you think its Zion, Zion occurs much too late in the alphabet to make a dent.

In what ways can the Sauds lose? Here. Let me help you out. They don't build. They buy. They don't educate. They fund Wahabbi madrasses, which guarantees a poor showing for arabs to become a majority of middle class families.

That's just the way it is.

While some people need their diapers changed every time the nut-in-a-dinner-jacket spews at Israel, where I get surprised is that it's the Emirates. And, the Saud's. Who are much more likely to be targetted.

So? Ya think the Sauds' swords; against the incompetence of blather, keeps things standing still?

The world never did stand still.

Oh, over in England; which was once a Catholic country; things went south for the pope back in the late 1400's. That's when Henry the VIII proved what the powers of a king could do. And, the "church" became this weird Anglican thing ... where, believe it or not, Queen Lizzy is the titular head. And, her son with his flapping ears, is next.

Just in case you think people, ahead, take religion seriously, I think not.

What do you call people who lack faith? Me? I call them optimists.

And, greed and self-interest abides within human nature.

So why do I think the Sauds fail? Well, because their wealth underwrites their arrogant stupidity. Heck, look what hitler did to the germans. And, they had a better intellectual head start.

WW2 however was "quick" in comparison with the slow way things progress, now.

You want "global warming" to be blamed on humans? Where would you start? There are 7-billion ... and it's the poorest people with the most kids. Let me tell ya, nothing screws up your equations more than "surplus kids."