Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So He Killed them. Anybody Would have.

An Iraqi councilman opened fire at some American troops who were at a meeting with him. Juan Cole explains:
A city council member in Mada'in (Salman Pak) abruptly opened fire on Americans who had been in a meeting with him. He killed 2 US troops and wounded 4 other Americans. He had been in India recently because Sunni-Shiite tensions made it too difficult for him in Mada'in. He had only been back one week as councilman. Although there is speculation that he was unstable, my own suspicion is that the continued US military occupation was just too hard for him to take. India has an anti-colonial atmosphere, after all. [my italics]
Sure convinces me. Any other explanation would be anti-progressive, perhaps even neo-con.

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Anonymous said...


Broken link alert!

You can't link to the "city council" article by Juan Cole without the screen going to "DE BUG."

As to American soldiers becoming targets in Iraq, there's not much here that's new.

General Petraeus' SURGE is still working.

There are less Americans killed in Irak than on American roads. Where "accidents happen."

And given how arabs think, doing something like this has more repercussions. Not less so. It's like Salman Pak raped Maliki's mother.

To which a heavy price will be paid.

The SURGE is still a good thing.

The sunnis, in Irak, were about to be decimated. And, "something" needed to be done, that would return "the balance of powers."

For all arabs that means WEAK GOVERNMENTS. And, leadership that's available only to a small circle of friends.

Maliki, however, will face competition when Iraq goes to elections again.

While the media doesn't talk, at all, about Allawi and Chalabi. There's better attention to what's on the ground than the media has even a clue to detail.

You think Israel's got funny (missing) news stories?

It's the same in the USA.

And, in both places, the arabs have fewer and fewer real friends.