Monday, June 2, 2008

Stacking the Deck

The prosecution's behavior in the Talansky case has been far worse than scandalous, and anything but a search for truth and justice. (Which doesn't mean that Olmert isn't a crook. For all I know, he may be. But it will be a long time before we know, if ever, and in the meantime he'll long since have been forced from power to be replaced by political turmoil).

Well, it now seems that someone in the prosecution has noticed how wrong they're doing things, and is busy preparing an alibi: the politicians and the public are to blame:
A law enforcement official has said over the past few days that he is concerned that public and political pressures over the Olmert-Talansky affair might cause investigators to seek an indictment against Prime Minister Olmert even if the evidence does not warrant it.


Anonymous said...


IF Olmert's a crook, Ronald Reagan was a crook. Because as soon as he left the Office of the PResident, in the USA, he went to Japan and collected a million dollars, just to talk.

Politicians need, always, to raise money. What kinds of fools are the Israelis, now? They want someone who doesn't need money? Or care about it?

Then, why not ask or have all Israelis become Catholics. Those priests take vows of poverty. And, never marry. You could have monks in charge of government. And, you'd reduce anti-Semitism, greatly.

Of course, the "fly" in the ointment is that Jews have been saying, onwards to two thousands years now, that "the man" didn't climb, nor did he fly." And, that cancels out a religious basis for desiring monks and priests.

On the other hand? Yes. The police in Israel are corrupt.

And, the stakes are high, here!

Once Arik Sharon shifted out of Likud, those politicians lost their clout. (Though they have some big clout, still, with American Evangelicals. And, the rich Jews who donate to Israel, as long as those donations are lopsided.)

I'm still waiting for an accounting of all those trees young American kids bought ... At one time? This was as popular an item to sell and fund raise for, as Girl Scout Cookies.

Olmert's probably the best politician in the whole lot! Very bright. And, actually able to meld a government of disparate parts, together.

Will Shas, now, really leave if they can't get more money for their breeding rabbits? Will Ehud Barak seriously pull Labor out? (Because he had to work very hard, just to get his feet in the door. And, at a recent Labor meeting, Amir Perez' brother-in-law knocked the stuffing out of him. So, all's not peaceful in Labor, either. Let alone the nerve of his saying he was gonna plant a spine into Kadima.

Israeli men, meanwhile, bought the cock and bull story that Katsav was a rapist? Really?

You don't think all this schmearing from journalists, and politicians, won't have some sort of "recoil?"

Bill Clinton learned to just stand there. And, now you know all about Monica. So what?

Will there come a day politicians who enter unknown, want to be schmeared, just so they can survive? And, then? Well, then they are the heroes. Believe me, you don't hold Bill Clinton's pants around his ankles, against him. Nor did you forget.

Oh, by the way, the Clinton's are in politics because they, too, can raise unbelievable sums of money.

And, who knows? Soon Omri will be out of jail. He could write a book. And, he could also decide to do what lots of Jews have done, before. Which is to EXIT Israel. Then? Well, the Haredi will fill the place up with their congenitally deformed rabbits. Because? Too many of them inter-marry with their cousins. And, there's no light shining into those households.

WHile the rest of the world?

Seems to me there's a recovery in place, where it's not so threatening, any longer, to say "secular."

And, to stop giving money to schnorrers.

Going after Olmert this way? Well, Likud wants to destroy Kadima. Be funny, if, instead, they just destroy the generous Americans who kept donating money. Forget the envelopes.

In ancient Rome, when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he should have been returning to Rome as a hero; who conquered vast lands ... all the way into England. Instead? Cicero hated him. And, spoke against honoring him.

For a short period of time Julius Caesar's genius got him into the top spot. But then? About 50 senators ganged up on him; each one sticking a knife into what became his corpse.

And, then? Cicero was also on the run. And, the 3 monkeys ... icluding Marc Anthony, didn't have the brains of Julius Caesar.

And, the brightest Roman was dead.

I hope Israelis come to their senses.

I do keep watching Rabin Square. And, I do notice that there are no crowds forming, carrying hand-painted signs, telling Olmert "to go home."

Without real crowds, all the current events are ... are bullshit.

Can Olmert be indicted? Well, if so, why hasn't Katsav been indicted?

The Likud has no shame left.

And, the Left are all skunks.

As to Talansky, he reminds me of Jack Ruby. Stupid enough to enter the scene. And, then? His name is not forgotten.

Anonymous said...


You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that the "Talansky manuever" was put into motion; by the Likud, BECAUSE THERE ARE FEARS OLMERT WAS MAKING PROGRESS! People began seeing him as competent. (The Winograd Report? Didn't amount to a hill of beans.)

And, yes. Olmert IS competent! Which is why the long knives are out.

On the stand, Talansky whistled a Likud tune. Of how the Jews would "own the land all the way into Jordan." Up and over the Jordan River.

I'm sure a lot of Israelis know that the religious right is crazy. Whle they really are fewer in number; their "few" always manages to upset Israeli polticians. And, they've brought quite a few governments down. Or? To its knees. While they try and fleece more money out of the taxpayers.

You heard Shas wants more money for the large families?

Oh. And, the newspapers from Ha'Aretz, to the Jerusalem Post. Are only slamming Olmert!

How can there be such silence?

The other day I met a man (at a family gathering). His name is Israel. And, he's Israeli. He's not nuts! When I said "Katsav didn't rape anyone." That the whole thing was "fixed." So he'd bounce out of the presidency. Guess what? Shimon is far smellier than Katsav! So, in Israel. It means the news you read has more to do with propaganda ... when it gets written by "friends." Against a nation of foes. (He said his position was actually pretty close to mine.)

But you don't hear it.

All you hear is that yet, again, there's going to be another election. Ah. With a twist. Without the voters, the knesset will re-form either around Livni, or Shaul Mofaz. Do you get it?

Ah, Yaacov, it's like we're having a private conversation. Why is that? Why aren't there more opinions, flowing?

Where's the outrage?

Or do we have to wait until someone writes a book?

Lydia McGrew said...

I've been rather surprised (but what do I know) to see that one of the things coming out of this investigation is more building in Jerusalem.

But I'm a hawk. From over in America, of course. From my perspective, if this stops the phony "peace process" that could only do harm and no good to Israel, so much the better. Not that that justifies dishonorable behavior on the part of the prosecution. I'm just speaking of consequences.

Anonymous said...


Dear Lydia,

My son was Bar Mitzvahed on a trip to Israel, he took, alone. All I got were phone calls. And, I remember the one from Jerusalem. "Mom, do you know this city is at leat 3,000 years old?" Of course, my son, I replied.

Well? Turns out his luggage had to be carried up "about a mile's schlepp" because the streets were too narrow for the bus." And, then, he went on: And, there are no toilets! (Pipes in the floor, with a little elevation for your feet, didn't make my son very happy.)

So, you're getting "building in the settlements," huh? Start with this, every single community that has lived in Jerusalem (when they weren't deported "out" ... as the Diaspora did to the Jews) ... were BUILDING!

Did you know ancient Rome was built and, being rebuilt, constantly?

So, there's an ad campaign; with participating Israeli journalists, that just blows my mind.

For instance: Today? You can read that according to the USA, Hamas got "helped" by what the IDF is doing. Meanwhile? NO MENTION HOW ISRAEL IS HELPED BY WHAT'S SHE DOING!

Yup. Journalists are on a mis-adventure. And, ya know what else? the media enterprise which was once even bigger than hollywood, is dropping dead. Because customers are evaporating.

WHile it pays to pay attention to technology. And, realize that amateurs. Just like us, strangers. Can chime in with what we know. And, with what we discover to be, the truth.

Bush? He loves the Saudis. Meanwhile, here in America, at the Appellate division, insurance companies just got green lighted to go after the Saud's for FUNDING, through their charities, 9/11.

If we get lucky, ahead? All of Bush's wishful thinking will be on par with farts that come out of the tuchis.

But truth? Stays in bed for a long time. While malice marches around thinking that it's in control of outcomes. Nope. Just like the law. It takes forever to see a fair day arriving in court.

When Jews build in Jerusalem you should know ... here, in America ... stores like Lowe's and Home Depot grew into giant sized public companies. Because? To extend your garage into living space, you can go to one of these stores. You don't need a permit to build your home. Heck, sometimes, you don't even need good taste.

By the way, as an American, I am appalled that Morris Talansky, also an American, never learned that here, in America, the Founding Fathers knew to put into place A WALL. A wall that separates out religious kooks from government. Where it really pays to be SECULAR. Are you shocked?

Me? Katsav raped nobody. That he "touched girls in his office?" Let me tell ya, most men I know who have access during the day to pretty women who wear skirts so short you can see their pupiks when they bend over to "file" ... is nothing new. And, what goes on has nothing to do with rape. With love? Only if you love being promoted.

Meanwhile, Shimon Peres has lowered his pants more often in life, than Katsav ever did. Peres? He can do this "trick" around the world. And, from the looks of things? His wife never complained. And, he never gets caught. Why? He's a leaker to the press. And, they couldn't afford losing him as a snitch.

Yeah. I hope Olmert survives! Why not? He's brilliant. And, just like Bill CLinton did, you can get caught with your pants around your ankles, and then the country sides with you. All Bill Clinton had to do was stand there.

Maybe? Olmert can write a book. He sure does understand politics!

And, as long as you're here, reading, you are taking advantage of technology. While the fish wrapes aren't even as good as waxed paper.

Anonymous said...


Tuesday. June 3rd. In today's Ha'Aretz, I think, there's a blurb that the police are claiming to be fair-minded.

Now why would they need to release a press report? Unless words are getting back to the police that this whole operation looks like a political frame-up.

Why a political frame up? Well, as soon as Olmert was elected, out came Bibi, saying he wasn't going to join the government! Of course, Olmert's party, Kadima, winning 27 or 29 seats; ahead of all the other parties' dispersement, got the right to "form a government."

For Kadima? Dealing with Arik's stroke. But for Likud? Well, they lost a lot of business! Their political clout is now reduced to underhanded methods. Using the dinosaurs of police and press. But the stakes are high!

Just to make sure I am not losing my mind; I keep looking for articles that a lot of Israelis are really angry. And, they are forming picket parades in Rabin Square. But they are not doing this!

So why are the police out to prove they're fair? Fair in what? It's a war with sides. Oh. And, the fears that many of the seated ministers will not be back. Or if they "get back," will have to deal with "fewer winning numbers." And, whose to say anyone else is as bright as Olmert? He's the political insider who seems to know how to keep the lunacy of Israeli politics at bay. How? Well, like Bill Clinton, when Ken Starr pulled his pants down around the president's ankles ... he managed to stay put. He did not resign! And, in fact, Americans, by and large, became very compassionate.

So, who knows? Political mud-tossing is nothing new. But winning? Now, you're talking "war" with winners and sore losers.

Go ahead, try to make Morris Talansky into a rock solid man. Because? If you can succeed, why not do the trick, again, with Jack Ruby?

Or, as I've said before. Israelis can always adopt catholicism. And, then they'd get priests who not only swear to a life of poverty; they eschew marriage. And, they sure do know how to put on a show full of pomp and circumstance. Of course, there's a history to the catholics always running into a wall with Jews.

Corruption to Israeli poltics is nothing new. ANd, now? Heck, I can blame the police. As well as the fruity-tootie judges who sit on your supreme court. Leave them alone long enough and they adopt views of "international law." You want lawyers to take your interests to heart?

Personally, I see advantages to Olmert holding on.