Monday, June 30, 2008

Till the End of the Land

Who'd have thunk? The airport at Bangkok has free Wifi access! Just like Ben Gurion, and just not like Warsaw, Frankfurt, Zurich, JFK, Reagan, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney, to name merely those I've been at this year. So I'm popping up over here for a moment, before disappearing for another day or three.

Here's my review of David Grossman's brand new and extraordinarily highly acclaimed novel, Till the End of the Land.

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Anonymous said...


Oy. There is nothing worse than burying your own child! Let it be written, too, that there are NO MAMZERS OUT THERE! Everyone, including the one who claims "he flew" ... came out of a woman's body. The way nature intended.

Nine months. This gives a woman time to "adjust." And, by the end, wreathing in pain, no less, she welcomes her child. Even if her child is "one of those" that only a mother could love.

We, on earth, are not deprived.

Oh, it is so sad that soldiers fell in Lebanon. Just as it is sad, today, for Americans, that volunteer soldiers have fallen in Afghanistan and Irak. For what purpose?

Well, "for holding the line."

Purposes, right now, for wars, have tumbled out the window. While losing children is still among those painful sacrifices that lays behind the reasons we fight.

And, Americans, too, fought. From the beginning. When they were the David, to the European goliaths. And, when the American natives, were indians, who couldn't leave behind their hunting and gathering ways. While civilization encroached.

You know, I never got angry at Olmert. I keep seeing him as a genius. Who once had a comb-over. Which made things worse for him ob the "popular front." No woman wants to pick a man from a bar lineup, who has a comb-over. She doesn't even want her obstetrician to have a comb-over!

But Olmert has "sachel" under his noggin. And, in the summer of 2006, he was faced with a grave situation. A "few cowboys" played with fire. And, got tangled up with Hez-bullies. It was Olmert's brave decision to go in. And, back then, Halutz said he could "prevent ground troops." And, the air force could knock out the missiles.

Instead? You got reality.

And, the fact that Israel (like those early bird American settlers; who dropped everything in Europe, to sail over here on wooden boats) ... had to create a country from their own boots, up. The Americans did it.

Proving that there are brilliant White Men who aren't Jewish. (Winston Churchill claimed they all came from England.) Who am I to say no? Shakespeare lives, as the saying goes.

While back in Israel, where there are some settlers who provoked attention by wearing Orange ... and forgetting how democracies work ... Went about their ways. Only to lose. And, ya know what? This time it's not gonna be called Hannukah. Or even Hock-me-a-channukah. Let them hang on like fools. They are targets.

And, most Jews aren't interested in proving they like being targets. While the real mashinginas raise money to do mischief. And, this crap just keeps flowing.

As I said, I consider Olmert a genius. Since 2006, if you were to believe what you read in the papers, Olmert's "on his way out." Hey, according to the idiot who edits the Jerusalem Post, "he can exit with dignity."

Only if he's carried out on a stretcher,maybe.

On the other hand?

Let me tell you about the George that's got the powers, now. (Not the George who held those powers back in 1776.)

This president did NOT win. In 2000 Albert Gore LOST. And, not just because of Florida. But because he actually lost his own state: Tennessee. And, he lost Bill Clinton's state: Arkansas. That's why, suddenly, Florida came into play.

If you watch sports, you should know the difference between the goal posts; and the colors of the uniform. If not just the rules so you can follow the ball.

Olmert tried to reclaim two soldiers who got kidnapped. And, he learned that Condi Rice and the whole UN was a waste of time. Just a bunch of diplomatic clowns who were looking to take the top off the graft they were surely going to see pass; as Israel would be "forced to pay." Kundar ain't "Kana-hora." But years have passed.

And, Israel did lose some wonderful soldiers, in a mishmash. While missiles flew. And, killed more cows than people. At the time? Michael Totten found himself up in Northern Israel, and he wrote, "he couldn't believe it, but people weren't racing to bomb shelters." Yeah. He heard the noises. But he finally dragged out a folding chair, and sat among neighbors, watching what was flying over the border. He remains in a pickle.

Lebanon is still the hashish capital of the world. What can you do? Islam doesn't allow alcohol consumption. And, men, therefore, need their hallucinagens. Still remains a big business. For which lots of arabs dig tunnels. To pass this crap, underground.

You want to talk about it? The drug wars are useless, too. But they get in the way of an honest conversation.

WHile James Baker (rather than George) ... because it's Baker with the richest Saudi connection; began advising Olmert to take the IDF into Damascus ... to take off Assad's head.

Here, you'd have to know the mischief, way back in 1991. When George's dad told Israel "to go shit in a hat." And, not get involved with what America was doing in Iraq. G-d forbid, the Israelis interfered, it was felt, arabs, who where sitting doing nothing, would revolt.

To sweeten the pot? Bush LIED. And, how did Shamir find out? Oh, that's easy. Back then the White House canceled Israeli's credit. Pulling the rug from under Israel's feet.

And, now? Enter James Baker, all schmaltz. Thinking Olmert was new at the job. And, would listen. (Olmert? He put his phone receiver where the sun don't shine.)

Now why would Bush do this?

Because, why not?

If Israel does the heavy lifting, American "could" come in and then "dispose" of the new territories.

This is also true for gaza. With Abbas waiting to collect. But only after hamas are all underground. (And, not just in tunnels.)

A long time ago, when Jews didn't have a State. And, didn't have political powers. It was the custom to tell people ... whom you'd like to tell to go to "gehenim" ... to "just go wait."

And, so we do.

Among Olmert's choices? He made the best ones.

Do we lose soldiers?

Well, both America and Israel are getting better at it. Trying very hard not to put infantry at risk. And, learning from mistakes.

Olmert hasn't made any. Heck, he's even convinced this George Bush that he's friendly. And, diplomatic pants dancing just doesn't get better than that!

Meanwhile, in America, the GOP is in so much trouble, they're viewing, ahead, the minority positions in Congress. Both houses.

Politics. The only sport where you can kick under the belt. And, you'd know more, if you knew what was going on "under the table."