Monday, June 16, 2008

Workoholic DIBs

Meanwhile, many of the folks who would never be caught dead in any position remotely resembling domestic service, are quite willing to slave away at their jobs. Especially the men among them, meaning that their wives are doing the domestic jobs...

I've often worked more than 60-hour weeks, but perhaps not always, or systematically. 50-plus-hour weeks however, aren't even worth mentioning. Most people I know are somewhere around there.

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Anonymous said...


On Friday,the 13th, Tim Russert, suffering a major thrombosis. Slumped over in his chair, at age 58, and died, quickly.

The day before, he had flown in from Italy. (Given all the hours that it took. Even in first class.) Because? The clot had to "start somewhere." Being inside a flying capsule can play havoc with your health.

But there's lots of stuff you just can't protect against. It's called life and death.

As to work hours, even if you go far back into history, work was always performed over long, and extended hours.

And, that people aren't enjoying what was once the sworn benefits of socialism and unionism? Short work weeks. And, no concerns for the Capitalist who "owned the business."

Died on the vine.

As to what kinds of work people do, first you gotta notice what sort of range a person has. There are, according to Dr. Sternberg, 5 types of ways the brain absorbs knowledge. And, the least proficient is the one where you can take a test, and regurgiate knowledge. Doesn't make ya smart enough to know much beyond your math. (And, if we left the running of the world to math proficient people, we'd be opening the doors to the nut house. And,the lunatics would be in charge.)

Among the biggest changes are what my mom called "the birth control pill." Finally, people weren't spitting out family members every year. Or every other year. And?

Well, this means that except for large families, lots of people have time on their hands.

Not necessarily well spent, either.

As to "how long you get to live," I wouldn't blame "shortness" on working conditions. (Unless you're a coal miner. Or have some such profession where you expose yourself to harm.)

Sitting at a computer desk all day? It's supposed to be harmful. But how many people doing this are doing algorythms. Otherwise known as computer programming? And, how many others are just answering telepones? I do not know the answer.)

Having more time on your hands, however, could lead to alcoholism.

Adults with time on their hands? Well, they can get into more trouble than a bunch of kids, out playing. Or a bunch of teenagers doing things they think of as "cool."

Oh, I started this thread with Tim Russert's death. Because the shock waves made it onto every bit of news. Shows ya, death happens, even when you're rich and famous. And, on one comment I read, Russert was also diabetic. Take it for what it's worth.

Other than a change in roster at NBC, I doubt there will be life-style changes ahead for most top executives. Perhaps, the defense? It will be called "a fluke?"

Ya know, it probably wasn't preventable.