Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good vs. Evil in the Middle East

A Kuwaiti newspaper comments on how it's better to have Israel as your enemy than it was to have Saddam's Iraq. The murderer Samir Kuntar went home fat and with a university degree, while the (mostly innocent) Kuwaitis arrested by the Iraqis went home in little plastic bags of bones.

Meanwhile, the NYT has yet another story in its lengthening series of stories about how the right side is slowly winning in the long struggle to move Iraq from one of the world's most malign dictatorships to a functioning democracy; this time the story is from Sadr city: yes, even in Sadr city, where Moktada al-Sadr reigned supreme only last year.

It is a remarkable change from years past, when the militia, led by the anti-American cleric Moktada al-Sadr, controlled a broad swath of Baghdad, including local governments and police forces. But its use of extortion and violence began alienating much of the Shiite population to the point that many quietly supported American military sweeps against the group. (My italics).
It appears that when given a real choice between a rule of brutal thugs and a rule of civilized government, many people prefer the latter. Since in spite of everything said to the contrary, the Americans in Iraq represent the rule of law while their enemies are bloody thugs, over time the American vision of how life could be will prevail.

Someday this will happen in other parts of the Arab world as well. Perhaps even with the Palestinians, one hopes.

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Anonymous said...


Go ahead, paint all the arabs as evil. See if I care. But it's STUPID beyond belief!

Iraq, by the way, escaped the "bullet" that was set up by Bush going into Irak, in the first place. In other words? America was set to "fix" Iraq's problems with Chalabi and Allawi. As if these two goons, one a billionaire at the expense of Jordan's banks; even had a shot within Iraq. Because they didn't draw the votes. Maliki did. And, Maliki hates Bush's guts. (Which is pretty obvious.)

Bush tried to push Maliki, bully fashion, at one time, when he was called to Bush ... to the tent of the Saud's. And, Maliki? Yes. He flew in. BUT HE WOULDN'T EAT. The message? When an arab refuses your hospitality it doesn't "halp" that Bush was there, trying to give Maliki medicine.

How did Maliki defeat Bush's plans? He went to Tehran. And, if you knew your history; you'd know that for the 20 years Saddam was the sadist in charge of Iraq; Maliki lived ten years in Tehran. Ten years in Damascus.

So, while Bush didn't have a "PLAN #2" ... Maliki won the prime ministership. And, he has acted accordingly.

While Israel, today, is more interested in "getting Olmert" than in behaving sanely. You know, I just not impressed.

I think it's "funny" that Mazuz can hamper Olmert from defending himself; by accusing Olmert of "obstruction of justice." Israel has no justice to spare! A bunch of goons are running the place, now. And, IF Olmert falls? I pity you guys. Morris Talansky isn't a hero!

If anything, if you were in the United States, you'd see a totally different religion.

In Israel? The Haredi OWN the Western Wall. And, nobody is even curious how this happened. Let alone anyone would dare lift a finger against those goons! And, goons, they are! Thugs.

Your police are also infested with thuggery.

While the "soap opera" has a life of its own. Not just in Israel ... where if Olmert tumbles out of his chair, I wouldn't put it past the rest of the ministers to risk new elections (by a loss of confidence vote), before anyone like Ehud BARAK rolls ahead!

If you thought Foad Ben-Eliezer wasn't dumb, when he pulled down Arik Sharon's first government ... you have no idea what lurks behind the walls!

And, Israel is it's own enemy.

Didn't have to happen! But it did. Because somehing's gone nuts in the fabric of existence.

Oh, by the way, off to the side, there's a bonus, now, to Holocaust survivors and their offspring. How so? Well, POLAND, plus 26 other EU states are offering dual-citizenship. Which are tickets to WORK IN EUROPE. In any of the 17 EU countries. And, no need to be stuck with an Israeli passport.

Just in case you think the religious noodniks can force their way onto everyone, I think you miss-guessed.

And, yes, I think this whole mishigas against Olmert, is a COLLUSION to destroy Olmert, and Kadima, for daring Disengagement.

No. Doing this is not democracy. It's a schmata.

While plenty of Jews, subjected to what is called "Temple Politics" where creeps like Morris Talansky "rule." LEFT. Not just "left" by marrying "out" ... but left as in "kiss my ass."

Go ahead, complain about the arabs. See if you can change the picture people formed in their minds, before the lunatics in Israel became chazers.

You know, there are lots of muslems living in America. And, if you think they are all radicalized, you're nuts. That they don't like Jews? Nothing different here than what existed when FDR was in the White House ... and, he knew all about Jewish lawyers. It wasn't a compliment.

And, there were locks put on immigration,not because of "temple politics" ... but because of socialistic tendancies among Jewish people ... where there are way too many White kids from rich and middle-class homes ... running loose in the streets ... without purpose.

And, you didn't think these things counted?

You don't think, up ahead, a goy can tell the story of this rotten attempt at a LEGAL COUP?

Well, let's see what happens as the soap opera continues to roll out, shall we?