Tuesday, July 22, 2008

IDF Excessive Violence - 2

The story of the soldier who shot a rubber bullet near the foot of an arrested Palestinian continues to be near the top of our media's agenda for the third day straight. You can see items about it, mostly op-ed pieces, here, here, here, here, and here. I have no doubt that had I looked longer I would have found more, and I haven't even tried to link to the talk radio programs where the case is being flogged.

Remember: serious as the case was - and I think it's quite serious - we're talking about excessive violence which caused no damage beyond - perhaps - a blue toe. That's the extent of the damage. And that's what Israel is agonizing over. Rightfully so, because by our standards such things are unacceptable, but the fundamental situation can't be very bad if, in this violent world we live in, a story like this manages to survive news cycle after news cycle. If ever the rest of the world reaches a similar level of moral deliberation, you'll know we're on the verge of the messianic era.

PS. some of those links lead to Hebrew language items. No apologies, rather the opposite: if you really want to understand the Israelis, you've got no choice but to listen to them in their language.

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Anonymous said...


You know what got me? This poor soldier was ARRESTED! ANd, put in Israeli MILITARY confinement!

Good article up at the Jerusalem Post (where I rarely give them credit.) IN it, it said that Ehud Barak, (no surprise), went out of his way to claim "that he's honest, and because he knows military matters," this soldier was beyond the pale.)

Nothing doing. Ehud Barak got caught with his pants down. (Does it matter? IT didn't to Bill Clinton. But that's politics.)

And, Barak is full of politics.

But there were soldiers coming forward who said the lt-col. Where you can see his HAND on the prisoner ... standing there ... while the soldier FOLLOWS ORDERS!

True, this is very putz-like. And, an unfortunate video ... because scare-ing the pants off the teenager is one way to get him to stop being a threat. But go and try to explain that to the UN, and Condi Rice. And, other types.

While Ehud Barak is just a fraud. Especially, when he goes out of his way to "play one on TV."

Meanwhile, the soldier has been released.

And, thank goodness, Bush has his hands full with all the crap that circulates out of our decision to "bring democracy" to Irak. Or Pakistan. (Especially Pakistan. Where Bhutto left the safe confines of Riyadh, to try and capture Musharaf's "seat.") Fat chance.

Some day, I hope, Israel does better ... and goes off the mode of trying to be "goody two-shoes" to the world.