Monday, July 7, 2008

Iranians Offend Egyptians

An Iranian film that brands Anwar Sadat a traitor for making peace with Israel (31 years ago) has some Egyptians all agog.

Nice people, these Iranians. And consistent: They really say what they think. No pretenses, no obfuscations, no wishy-washy rationalizations. Israel is evil and must be done away with; anyone who makes peace with them must be damned, even if he's long dead, and his assassin praised.


Anonymous said...


American indians once did nice things with bird feathers. Because? They used them like markers. SO if you knew the feathers you saw, you'd know the name of the tribe. Which proves,ordinary feathers can lead to a ratings system.

And, if you didn't know it; arabs are marked by tribal affiliations. And, while ALL speak arabic; they do it with tribal inflections. And, in some cases? One arab has no idea what another arab is even saying. But he sure can tell "where you come from!"

And, then, if you march further afield ... over more than a thousand miles, so to speak, you leave the arab world completely. Yes. That's what happens when you enter Iran. Which was once Persia. And, has an ancient history, with monarchy, going back thousands of years. Believe it. Or not.

The language is also Farsi. Not arabic. But if you don't understand either language, why would this matter to you?

Right now, according to journalists, "the only problem" in the Mideast is Israel. Which gets in the way of "all the love and affection muslims have for each other." Of course, if you believe "that" ... then, perhaps I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge? At a good price.

For some reason, while the professionals are dying on the vines; where profits are necessary ... so staff gets paid ... You have the Internet. And, you're free to discover how the "objective" news is only selling you manure; which, to be objective, they say "doesn't smell." My advice? Don't get your nose to close to this stuff.

As to Iran, they've already demonstrated, through the 80's, that, yes. They can fight wars. Where killing and maiming runs high. Happened to both sides. In Iran. And, in Saddam's Iraq.

Of course, nobody's asking you to take a look at those battlefields. But if you did? You'd see that neither side has much in the way of tacticians.

Tacticians are strategists. Some countries have good generals in this department. And, others do not.

However, you cannot use martial music to define which side "could be better." Only to know that in Iran, and Iraq, during the 1980's, the leadership fought like terrorists. And, terrorists need to kill civilians.

I point this out, because all over the arab world, separate from all the garbage the media prints; there isn't a general who wants to meet the IDF on the battlefield.

Today, you can add another observation. If winning territory was once seen as something a winning army could do; this rule has been stopped in its tracks. Israel can advance. But then they need to retreat.

And, in the summer of 2006 Bush (and James Baker) spelled this out to Olmert. Olmert just danced around the request, however, to go into Damascus. Why bother? The Americans wanted to come in after the IDF did its work; and they'd become involved in then carving up "the gains." If you saw the Saud's, you'd see their eyeballs popping. They were sure there would be a "new" Mideast. And, they'd make the gains.

I respect Olmert. Because while he kept telling Bush "he was looking for a way to do this," he really just pants-danced.

He did the same with gazoo. Where Abbas has been waiting for the IDF to spend the energy to kill of hamas. And, as far as Olmert cares? He sees Mubarak spraying water cannons, now, every time a pack of palestinians from gazoo; line up and aim themselves at the Rafah crossing.

Water works.

See? Even without bullets, the eypgtians show "love" to the palestinians by drenching them.

And, the profits? Through the tunnels. And, it's mostly drugs.

Why drugs? Because islam forbids alcohol. We'd have drugs, too, but first we'd have to end the war on drugs.

Gives a whole new meaning to war.

Where you don't even get to go one step forward. And, as long as Switzerland has secrecy for its banking laws, you don't even know the profits.

Anyway, a long time before Iran gets to go to Cairo "to lead things," you still have the turks. Who got tossed out of eygpt by Napoleon. Yup. So long ago.

And, not knowing the weather, Napoleon ordered wool uniforms for his troops. Followed by Napoleon not knowing a thing about the sea. So Wellington destroyed all the french boats; docked so nicely.

Then? Napoleon snuck out of Eygpt and went to Franch. Where he immediately cut himself some very big medals.

I kid you not.

History is repleat with with these stories. And, if you have an imagination? You can create even more.

Sometimes, I think diplomatic pants-dancers get "heft" because they're full of gas. And, when they fart they signal to the journalists to report things "objectively," so that they don't smell.

Oh, yeah. The media giants are furious! There's no Vietnam, here. And, ya know what? They haven't figured out that you can't make up wars out of thin air.

Will this show end soon? Bush is out of office on January 20, 2009. Here? I'd like to bet that Olmert is still Prime Minister. Because he knows what he's doing. And, I'm not the only person who is so convinced.

Anonymous said...


You know, on a piece of paper, a "map" makes the world look small.

But iran's got a distance to go to "get" to Cairo.

And, that's not the direction those Farsi speakers want, anyway. They want to get to Saudi Arabia's oil fields! WHile there's still oil there, of course.

THe Turks also have a history in that area; going back to before WW1, where they became "THE SICK MAN OF EUROPE."

See? There was once an Ottoman Empire. And, those turks were not only horsemen; they were able to slice off the heads (left and right), as they rode through the market place.) For this reason, alone, the turks controlled Eygpt. Oh, boy. Did they ever.

And, then? The foreigner, Napoleon, arrives in Eygpt. Parks his boats. Takes his well trained solders (dressed in woolen uniforms; because nobody in france knew a thing about the weather.)

And, then? Wellington destroys Napoleon's "returning home" ships.

But Napoleon's troops SHOOT and dessimate the brave turkish riders; who fall off their horses, in droves ... when there's this discovery that bullets are faster than hoof beats. (Well? You were expecting a horse race?)

Time is marked by change.

And, yes. Arabs have "long memories." Intertwined within their tribal conditions; they can carry forward, for generations, an anger at those who came and killed them. Until there's a day when they dream of "getting even."

The biggest unknown?

Well, did you ever think the Catholic Church would face a day when, in Western Europe, the pews would empty out?

So, you can say, now, why not consider that at some turning point, ahead, a lot of men who go down five times a day to stick their hineys up in the air; might not decide there are better ways to live? Where you don't have to live in fear of the unseen?

Of course, you could ask, if such a thing were to happen, where would they find their goats?

In a much more modern society, China; you've got the effects of limiting births. And, the ability to descern ahead of time, if you have a male or female child ... Which shows ya you're being asked to guess what happens "when there are no goats?"

Can there be such a thing as too much testosterone?

Yes. I expect change. But I have no idea what that "change" will ever look like. Even though WALL-E will be a major success story for Pixar.