Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jews Expelled from Arab Countires

The Guardian (!!!) has an article about the fact that the Jewish-Arab conflict created two groups of people forced out of their homes, without their property, into a new land. Though, of course, that's where the similarities end.

I especially like this sentence:
The Jewish state, which struggled to take in 600,000, many of them stateless, is both a response to Arab antisemitism, and the legitimate political expression of an indigenous Middle Eastern people. Half Israel's Jewish population is descended from refugees from Arab and Muslim lands.
Sort of puts a dent into the Zionism=Colonialism thesis, if half the Israeli Jews are local Mideasterners. (And most of the other half were refugees from Europe, or, more recently, escapees from the Soviet block).


Anonymous said...


What puts a dent in Zionism, is that it's an "ISM" ... With Marxism a scourge on humanity.

Sure. You can point to the arabs, and complain all you like. The truth is our modern world needs the oil. And, there's no way governments are going to choose any other path than one that keeps the oil flowing. And, safe.

There are no substitutes.

While Israel just self-inflicted wounds all over her body politic.

As to the Wandering Jew, there's nothing new about that! It's been on-going for two-thousand years! How can you blame arabs for this invention? And, how can you overlook the fact that Israel caters to her enemies, when her country can't be run in a secular manner!

You want harm? Adopt religion. Say yours is better than anyone else's. And, then just wait for the results.

Oh, and go about the business of lying while you're at it. Like the two Hebrew newspapers just did; by saying "Actually, Barak Obama gave them copies of the note he shoved into the wall."

No. You can spot the lie. It's the bigger story that just having a Haredi man pulling the note out. But then the Haredis never take responsibility.

So much easier to just blame the arabs, while you're at it.

If only the Haredi (and their offshoot, the "settlers") understood that they are in total defiance of any legitimate government.

How so? Take a look at the Kotel. You tell me how the Haredi took over? 24/7. It's their business! They do get to collect cash. Stuff-able. Into envelopes.

And, then the lying scoundrels blame others.

Oh, and go after your prime minister tooth and nail. Claim this is the "democractic" process; and not the police out-of-control.

Do nothing to curb the insane behaviors. Start thinking the arabs deserve to get what they get.

And, "forget" ... how when Arik Sharon became Prime Minister, the Europeans had isolated Israel, and were attacking her by putting into place trade sanctions.

Disengagement ended that game.

But then? THe religious in Israel organized themselves into gangs. ANd, they're attacking.

Heck, kids in Israel are drafted. So they know they have commanders who tell them to shoot at the feet of palestinian kids who are blind-folded. And, then, with Ehud Barak bullying from his defense minister's chair; the idea is to LIE and blame the soldier.

Keep it up.

No one notices what's going on.

Until? It gets to be too late.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

More than half of the Arab Jews who immigrated to Israel came from Morocco and Tunisia. And Moroccan and Tunisian Jews were not refugees.

Israel is proud of having, after 60 years of statehood, the first Muslim on its Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Morocco became independent in 1955. Do you know when the first Jew was appointed to the Moroccan Cabinet?

In 1956.

Refugees, my ass.