Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reflections at the End of a Day

We had two national funerals today, of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. They were sad and dignified, and we all participated, to a degree. These are the days that remind us how strong our communal bonds are. The family members gave moving, memorable eulogies. A nation that raises men to be eulogized so powerfully, so simply, so authentically - we must be doing something right.

This afternoon I had another meeting, one in a growing series I've been having since I set out in this new career of mine, with another member of Israel's growing class of high-tech entrepreneurs. Hugely talented and highly successful people who look at the world around them, set themselves world-class audacious goals, and then reach them and start all over again.

They're the same people in both stories, and they're the reason none of the chatter about how we're weakening or deserve to weaken has any real significance.

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Anonymous said...


Oh,my. Both soldiers were killed as soon as their jeep was hit. And, Olmert did make a statement, back in the summer of 2006.

Interfering with that statement, but soon forgotten, was what exactly the PUTZ IN THE WHITE HOUSE WAS DOING!

Lots of things are just hidden from view. Because kids don't have to know the truth about the world. Or how they came to be in it. That's just one of the facts of life.

While Olmert had to play for TIME. Because? Believe it or not, where Israel EXCELS has to do with discussions not discussed in newspapers. Sort'a like a gigantic MOSSAD. Instead of just a small agency that accomplishes things around the world. And, then CANNOT BRAG.

Bush at no point came along and told the Lebanese that they had to return the two dead soldiers. Bush is an incompetent, "still looking for his legacy." And, he doesn't do well when he opens his mouth to speak, and this stuff gets recorded.

Olmert, however, would do harm if he pointed out the obvious.

So, the press, in Israel, also NOT friendly to Olmert; and behaving in ways similar to the police; where disgusting pressures are used to squeeze stories out without fairness. In other words? Your government is being co-opted; because Israelis can't seem to find out "what's in their blind spot."

Complaining about America? The Saud's would jump up and down with happiness. Because Israel would lose points. So? You can't "accuse."

But you can notice that Olmert did the best he could with using the clock to pass the time of day ... And, to keep Bush out of dictating to Israel ... the self-interested "wish list" of James Baker.

Instead? Bush has been failing. And, he has no legacy to speak of.

And, no. He didn't direct a single comment to Saniora; or anyone else in Lebanon, to get on the stick and return Israel's two dead soldiers! Yes. He could have done so! But he didn't.

Bush's behaviors have been "missing in action." You can put them all in a coffin box, and dance around them for all I care.

Olmert, on the other hand, has done as much as he could, without dropping the ball.

That the Red Cross played with Goldwasser's wife? Hey. Those stinkers fooled her. And, she gave good copy to the stinking journalists, that her husband was about to return "alive." BULL SHIT IS STILL BULL SHIT.

And, Olmert's not in a position to tell Bush a thing. He must, however, stay "diplomatically straight" as a pants' dancer. And, make sure that Bush thinks Olmert's his friend.

Even though Olmert never sold Israel down the river.

And, while this whole charade was playing out on the vaudeville stage ... which is what you get from the conglomerated media ... Bush couldn't send Condi in for "any more photo ops."

Some day, people will wonder about Bush. And, why he tied up so much of America's standing, in such bull shit. (Truman did, out-selling General Douglas MacArthur. Eisenhower did. Showing his true stripes to France and England. And, Israel. Back in 1956.)

Still, Israel survives nicely.

And, if you have to pick a fight, picking one here was and IS stupid.

At the end of the day, two of the 3 kidnapped soldiers, have their bodies back in Israel, for burial.

You think Shalit's alive? I don't.

I think one of the things the arabs do, when they know they only have the dead to trade, is make things up as if they're keeping their victims alive, in captivity.

How do I know Shalit's dead?

Well, months ago, the Shin Bet went into Gaza. (A small team.) Men on mules. Dressed like the locals. And, they captured one of the head tribesman, of the Dogmush clan. (If you didn't know this, the Shalit kidnapping was run by the Dogmush clan.)

So, there ya go.

A "living" chip.

Didn't budge Hamas.

So, to me, this indicates that Shalit is indeed dead. While the media plays everybody to be fools.

As if you can't speak the truth because they don't.

Anyway, to give you some more information; though it would surprise me that you didn't know this ... Drones, sent by the IDF ... managed to shoot at a car carrying about 5 Dogmush clan members. (Israel wouldn't do this if Shalit were alive, folks.)

But you've got to figure out how this "game" gets played.

By the way, Israel is NOT weakened! If anything at all, then Sun Tzu's advice comes into play. He advised leaders, that when they were strong, the best posture would be to LOOK WEAK!

Geez. Israel didn't invent war!

In Warrior, Arik Sharon's book, he describes, how back in 1957, when the IDF sent him to England for a 9-month course at an English War School; he chose to do his studies on TANKS. And, then, he wrote a letter to BIDDEL-HART, who lived nearby this school ... And, he got to have lunch "with the old man."

Heck, even Patton's lessons on tank warfare were not lost on Arik Sharon!

You really do have amazing talent in your country! People with more talent in their pinkies than the idiot in the white house has, even when you count up all the second raters working for him.

Some advice Bush got really stank to the high heavens.

But you've got to wait it out.

It's like learning to carry an umbrella. Because, so far, you just can't stop the storms from coming down.

Though early in life,kids learn not to run out in their diapers, to get soaking wet, for no reason.

By the way, you can take a look at the page one photograph of Olmert, holding Goldwasser's widow. Where's the down side? You didn't know Olmert is a mensh? And, has a reputation of carrying feelings with him wherever he goes. You need Bill Clinton to teach you a lesson? Some polticians have skills that don't get busted up when they come into contact with a hostile press; or even a hostile world.

To Olmert, I give credit.