Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Teaching Hatred

Anne Applebaum has an interesting story about how the Saudi education authorities are inculcating hatred in children, and disseminating it as far and as wide as they can.

Now remember: there are no Israeli occupiers in Saudi Arabia. For that matter, there was never much of a European colonial domination of the area, either. You can hardly regard the Saudis as being part of an impoverished "South", can you. All in all, none of the standard templates for explaining away unpleasant non-Western behavior are much use when dealing with the Saudis. What you're left with is that they may simply believe in what they say, from choice, not necessity.

If you can live with that concept, the next thing will be to ask if there might be any connection between what the Saudis say and do, and what others in the Arab world say and do. Especially do.


Anonymous said...


Everything draws back to the Saud's. Including 9/11. It's a journalistic sham to separate out one of the Saud's from the rest of the "brothers." But Bush did this!

That's why people can't quite come to terms with the news we get.

And, Bush's presidency flounders, "without a legacy."

It's also not over, yet. It ends, however, on January 20, 2009. And, until then? Politics will spill out in Israel, and here. But no one is quite willing to tell the truth, yet.

The Saud's, meanwhile, are only about 50,000 "princes." Yet, they've spent 100-BILLION-dollars on these adventures. Inside their pockets? Not just Bush, but America's military men who drive swivel chairs at the Pentagon. (Which also got hit on 9/11.)

Where will things start getting better? Don't look at Maliki. Don't look at Irak. All Bush did was put that country into play! Where Maliki went to IRAN to fight off "The American Adventure," as it involved local sunnis.

You don't think revenge killing isn't in the air? You think this can be prevented? And, if so, why would anyone outside of Iraq even care? The prize, it seems among arabs, is the pot of gold. And, enslaving people.

Oh, yes. That was hitler's message. And, when germany did it, the message failed.

For the Japanese People there was salvation. They had been under the thumb of their king. There was no democracy. Just a closed system for 700 years.

Halsey, the admiral, wanted Hirohito HUNG. General Douglas MacArthur, realizing a thing or two about reconstruction after the war; forbid this. Halsey was very angry. And, within the Pentagon there were real arguments. But MacArthur won.

There must have been real arguments in 1948. Because the GOP thought they could nominate the LOSER, Dewey; instead of the stronger candidate, MacArthur. And, the GOP lost to Truman's one term win.

Oh, politics and freedom. Such strange bedfellows.

While Israel is now playing out a terrible game, trying to get Olmert to quit. By using the police and false arguments. Is Livni close to making a sale?

Personally, I dislike Ehud Barak. And, I dislike the 6-seater, Netanyahu. I consider him very weak. And, idiot, in fact. Who went to Wye. And, who set the Mossad into that rediculous attempt to kill Maashal. So, Israel had to appease Jordan with a release of prisoners. But people forget. Ephraim Halevy though wrote the book that gives you these details. If you care to read.

We are living through dangerous times.

Even if you just know a little about these truths, it's not going to change the way OIL made the Saudis rich. And, imbedded anti-Semitism, all the way up Condi's skirts; and Obama's heart ... are heading straight to their own victories. Or anger, if they lose.

What can you do?

Anonymous said...


Ah, if the world was only limited to the hatred exuded by the madrasses, funded by the saud's. Alas, even in Israel, there is religious hatred. And, we cannot cure it, either.

Here? I mean that the Haredi are over their eyeballs, now, with "leaks to the press" ... that Mazuz will never stem. And, where the hatred for Olmert is so thick; these bastards don't care whom they wound.

Yes. Olmert hangs in there.

Yes. I blame it on the Haredi, because no one else has the power to leak into the Hebrew papers like they do! Corrupting the police in the process. Though in Israel, the police are easily corrupted, anyway.

And, I guess you could call this "power politics." But it is a shame.

Made worse by the fascists in journalism; who know of no other way than to poison the media with their propaganda and trash.

How do most people cope? The best we can do is ignore it. Or let our blood pressures go up, high.

Or we can find an Internet site, and speak out. Perhaps, among the readers there are souls who are equally disturbed at what passes for "news."

Just as the only way to defeat what the saud's have done to islam, is to hope that eventually saner voices come to pass.

If the "Mother Church" was set out as an example, you can go back to the time the printing press was invented. You'd see that from it, anyone who dared to print a copy of the bible so middle class people, interested in books, could obtain this; would discover the Catholics put these people to death, by burning them.

The horrors, however, led to one priest, waking up at the age of 40, understanding that the "sex teachings of his church was a sham. And, BINGO. The Mother Church fragmented.

Ahead? Nothing stays the same. More fragmentations can happen, ahead.

While in Israel, for shame, Judaism was handed off to the ultra-orthodox. Not as it should have been done.

With the harms beyond what gets spoken out loud.

Why do I think the Haredi will get a pass? One. They want Olmert OUT! To prove their powers. TO prove their hatred of Kadima, too.

Can they succeed?

WHo knows. We will all find out as things unfold. But each day Olmert hangs in there, I have hope.

Oh, someday the books will flow! SOmeday, in spite of this madness, people will talk about "how" you can use religion to hurt government. Which is why the Founding Fathers of AMerica wrote eloquently about separating away the secular public sector from government.

And, you think it couldn't be done?

The Haredi, I am sure, do not talk for the average Israeli. And, the average guy in the street is not dumb.

Why am I picking on the Haredi? Because the police can't touch them. Even when it is becoming obvious what tricks they use when they want to get their way.

Anyway, why worry about the arabs, when you have terrible problems in your own back yard?