Friday, August 15, 2008

The Impending End of the World

The most cock-eyed scenario yet to come from the Church of Global Warming says mankind is nearing extinction, no less. Even the Guardian feels that's a bit steep, so they allowed Heretic Number One to make a rebuttal. Bjorn Lomborg actually agrees that the world will end some day, and even from over heating, but suggests that since we still have a good 4 billion years to go, perhaps at this stage we'd do better to find cheaper sources of energy.


Anonymous said...


Global Warming, Algore's schtick, hasn't yet become a successful political drive. Though it seems to have caught the eyes of politicians who see it as a way of raising revenues. Where heavy taxations kill businesses; bringing on great depressions.

The world's not free, yet, of bureaucratic interferences. It's just one thing after another. Until things get serious.

Are they serious enough for you now?

As to the perveyors of "THE WORLD IS ENDING" ... it's been around for at least 2000 years. Was very big in the time when one man said he came here from an alien's impregnation of his mom. And, he was sent to "help."

Instead? The lights went out for 2000 years.

And, to this day, where you have free speech rights available to ya; you, too, can carry a sign that says "THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR." ("Send your money to Jesus.")

Oh,well. As long as the Guardian can sell advertising space, it remains in business.

Is having a job at the Guardian worth it? Well? It beats having to raid dumpsters for food, I guess. But it doesn't expose you to a lot of people who can think on their feet, either. And, to some? That, in itself, is considered a bonus.

Not to bore you, Gore's political ambitions have bitten the dust. Ditto,too, John Edwards. (Where John Edwards should teach you more about the cash politicians collect, than anything you could learn from Morris Talansky.)

Well? Some people are undertakers. In other words, where there's a need, people come along to fill it. And, some make good money.

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Me, again.

There's no question people are sticking signs on this thing, looking to raise money. And, unlike selling you tickets to a vaudeville show; they don't have to perform anything.

Similar to the March-of-Dimes. When after it became obvious they gave no money for research that would work; Salk and Sabin approached vaccinations with two cures. So the polio virus is no longer such a threat.

This sent the March-of-Dimes scurrying to the "sale" of kids born with birth defects. They're thinking? Aw. Those pictures make strangers feel generous enough to part with theis small change.

And, guess what? These donations add up.

Don't get so surprised. It's all a business.

And, if they're not selling you pictures of crippled children, or distressed puppies and kittens (to a strictly Westernized audience), they're selling you VICTIMHOOD in every manner, shape and form!

It's so much better just to keep your money in your own pockets.

You bet. Customers make all the difference. They make or break ya, actually.

As to those people who carry around the signs telling you "The World is Coming to an End," most of those sign carriers are psychotic. Every generation has a few.

Anonymous said...


The "Church of Global Warming," huh?

Where Jews began by saying God was unknowable. Doesn't even have a name. We're entering the future, with a chuch making predictions about what's also unknowable: THE FUTURE.

What's next? A re-birth of astrology?

Well, Lincoln said "you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

On the other hand, he was a republican.