Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils

Hamas is shooting Fatah men in Gaza again. So what are the out gunned Fatah men doing? Asking the Israelis to save them. Who'd have thunk.

Update: Hamas forces shot mortars at the area in Israel where they thought their fellow Palestinians were concentrating after escaping Gaza.

Summary of the day: Fatah men trust Israel with their safety more than their fellow Palestinians of the Hamas version, and Hamas breaks the ceasefire with Israel in order to try and kill the Fatah fellows. You couldn't make up this stuff.

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Anonymous said...


I knew General Keith Dayton "blew" about $6 million in gaza. And, I knew he "gave" American military support, there; which included heavy eqipment. And, tanks.

Where there should have been a fire fight, there wasn't.

Now? This one began when five Hamas chieftains were blown up in their "car." Which I'll presume,America had reinforced. Part of Dayton's "carnival."

So there's fighting, now, huh?

I guess Hamas went to work, quickly. As soon as five of their masterminds were blown to smithereens.

Then I read that Israel let through at least 80 wounded Fatah members; so there's some sort of "cooperation." But, again, you can trace this to American "mishigas."

What with those running out of gaza, being Fatah; doesn't look like America's "backing of one horse," did any good.

Similar to the mess in Iraq. Where we're told the "surge" worked. When what had worked, and was stopped, was Maliki's ethnic cleansing jobs against the sunnis.

But the PR label has been found.

Sunni "Awakening" Councils. Where, just the other day four women blew themselves up in Kirkuk. (Not among the Kurds. The Kurds don't let arabs into their areas. But among the Shi'a who were out on pilgrimages.)

Who learns the least in all of this stuff?

You're gonna depend on the world's media? On the other hand, I suspect Hamas just kicked ass.