Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Never Be Weak

That's the clearest message I can think of from the Russian attack on Georgia, no matter what the precise details of its onset may have been. If you're small and can't take care of yourself, no-one else will do it for you. They may wring their hands and bemoan your fate, and then again, they may not; neither will be of much use.

The second lesson is that the human story continues unabated. All this talk about international law, international organizations, international courts - they all have their uses, of course, and none of them are going to make history stop trundling along in its traditional ruts. Might often makes right, regrettable as that may be. And if the might is being wielded by the right (=wrong) side, even the most outspoken propagandists of the Internationalism Narrative will forget their principles in favor of their dislikes. (Translation: if the bully is acting against America's interests, let us see if we can't justify his being a bully. In the Leader of the Guardian, no less).

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The russian parts of the old soviet union were WHAT? Separated at birth? Or by divorce. When the kremlin lost its clout?

They were going to give up a route to the sea? Along with a natural oil and gas pipeline? WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING?

Europe already knows about "going to war" when Arch Duke Fernand(o) got zapped in 1914. It was a STUPID MOVE.

While the USA, from that assassination, foward, has tried to stay out of Europe's stupid wars.

Do you know how long it took for the USA, under President Wilson, to enter WW1? (1917). At it started in 1914.

We could see the same thing happening in WW2. Where hitler was a gigantic zit on the behind of Europe. Going for aggression. But "bogging down." Stalin, meanwhile, meant the difference between our winning WW2. And, not winning it.

To say nothing of all the communists harbored in America; among the academic elites, and the blue-collar work forces. So much is gone, now. It wasn't just the "soviets" who proved to have a vacuous system, ya know.

Yet, I still draw the line at Poland. Poland, for all her t'zuris, never absorbed the commie agenda. Well, as Catholics, and, with an independent culture within Europe that was quite old ... She actually had one of her own.

Meanwhile, except for the Eastern Orthodox Church (which is a remnant split-off from Catholicism; don't in Constantinople), you can't find much in the way of "cultural differences" between Georgians, Ukrainians ... and the old soviet communists. ALL OF THEM can't produce manufactured goods. ALL OF THEM live by mafia rules. And, BLACK MARKETEERING. I kid you not.

Before the Ukraine had her unsuccessful (by now obvious) Orange Revolution ... she was just a "gang" terrifying the Poles. Who were thinking of building a security wall ... to keep the riff-raff from crossing into her borders.

How do I know this? The Poles had gone to Israel. To gain knowledge on how to build a wall. That would go along the length of their border with the "east." Sometimes, that's the only thing that's going to work.

Meanwhile? You see European states lifting their eyelids open? I don't. I think it's a secret. But the Europeans are hoping putin's clout can keep the oil and gas reserves running freely BY ELIMINATING MIDDLE-MEN. As if the mafia is "just in it for the middle."

I don't think anything happens, ahead. I think russia gets to keep her veto power in the UN. And, I think her army STINKS! What did she move against? Not very much. And, in many cases her bombers, in the "newest" of airplanes. Had pilots who just unloaded their bombs, willy-nilly. Scared. Job done. They fly home.

Do you think in our day and age of satelites, that military powers were unaware of the drunken russians "building up" for an on-slaught? I don't.

Oh, yeah. Condi Rice gets to put on her knee high boots; and she gets to complain to putin. Whoopie. You call this effective diplomacy? Okay. They'll you'll be thrilled with the nitwit Livni.

As if you can fight wars, and run countries, on stupid headlines.

Whatever was in it for putin, it does not involve bringing any of the work forces up to par. It's just not in the character of the people so committed to the russian way of life.

As to China? They are laughing. The Bejing Olympics will now have a special place in history. Not quite on par with 9/11. But a venue where putin exercised a "show" too. Which should have been weak. But why would the diplomats care?

They're on par with the commie work forces. USELESS. And, tipsy. Most of the time. Only diplomats eat better.

As to Israel having been in Georgia, not just helping out, but selling military hardware ... those punks sold all the good stuff to the arabs. For money. And, it was then delivered through tunnels, to gazoo.

So? Hold onto the seats of your pants.

Armchair generals don't amount to a hill of beans; as the complaints come rolling in. Not that I care.

I'm not responsible.