Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pot Calls Tablecloth Black

Haaretz TV has an item which is either hilarious or frightening, and I suggest we prefer the hilarious option.

Apparently the Israeli franchise of Nissan has a TV ad with a spoof on Saudi sheiks who are furious at the new model which doesn't guzzle much fuel (says Nissan). A Saudi TV newscast is truly furious at this racist depiction of the poor Saudis, and also threatens Nissan with a boycott for their cheek. But the Israelis are the worst, racist foreigners that they are. Bit rich, coming from the Saudis.

The whole thing, by they way, is a demonstration of what Rattling the Kettle and I have been saying all along, that weaning us of fossil fuels needs to be done to cut down the Saudis, global warming or not.


Anonymous said...


Funny, how a headline can suprise and fool ya. Here, I thought I'd be reading about Livni finally catching what is due; given that she was up to her ying-yang with Amir Peretz; making all the errors that are being blamed on Olmert. Yet, she scoots clear of blame. For those who really remember what was going on in the summer of 2006. NOt to be covered in this headline, though. So, I was surprised and made to laugh, as I kept on reading.

Fun to discover the Japanese are showing off their wonderful skills. Not just at computer graphics and games; but they're cheeky approach to the visuals in ads, too. They make the world's best ads!

Nobody does what the Japanese can do! And, given their dependence, here, on imported "fossil fuels" ... it shows ya they're not obsequious like the Bush family has been towards the frauds of the Sauds.

Oh, and given the dynamics of the car industries; Nissan will get a lot of free publicity, ahead. Could boost car sales. Which is the whole purpose.

Cheeky pays off!

Wasn't so long ago, Israelis were seen as cheeky, too. And,ya know what? The Japanese can teach ya all a thing or two about honesty. And, focus.

Because the saud's were using Bush to beat the crap out of ya, with an American stick. And, a Condi run State Dept.

Heck, wasn't it nice the way Condi manuevered a few terrorists out of gaza, for "fullbrights." And, then? America wised up enough not to let them land. Flew in. Flew out. Managing to anger everybody.

It seems there's a lot more material for funny ads ahead. Especially if you heard of the American diplomat that sat in the middle of the Allenby Bridge; because he had one of the gazoo turkeys who needed a run into Amman, for his visa.

Yeah. The visa that didn't work.

Sometimes, ya need the Japanese, so the records get set straight, again.

And, the rule of thumb: If you laugh, you'll remember better.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if here doesn't lurk another lesson?

Japan suffered a devastating loss in 1945. Her price for joining the Axis of Evil came high.

Her size? Similar to that of Israel. Probably the sizes of the population are also similar? I don't know. I haven't Googled this.

But Russia held onto territory "gained." While Japan only had "reovery mode" available following WW2.

Please don't say there are no comparisons, because that would miss the point.

What Japan got, now that she's a leading nation in the world, is Douglas MacArthur's Constitution; and also what LOSS provided to her.

The Japanese people had lived for 700 years in a closed society; ruled by the terror that came from having no political rights.

Just as the Sauds use swords to chop off heads; the Samuri did the same. To innocent people. But on the mythological stage, this became "heroism."

Today, the Japanese are free. And, thriving.

Yet their Island produces no oil. And, following WW2 they were denied a military; in any manner, shape or form.

Almost year for year; Japan was birthed anew ... and Israel got her lease on life in 1948.

Both countries claim the USA, now, as a friend.

But take a look. It seems to me, a key, here, is to be polically stable.

They say Japan is a homogenious society. When a devastating earthquake struck no one stole from another. There was no looting. People cooperated, together. With my point being "homogenious" is a strength.

While Israel flounders in political mishaps.

Socialism, and state run religion, are the flapping wings of Israel's mishaps.

Good for Nissan! Good for Japan! Great advertisements for success. Laugh. And, learn.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

When an Italian cartoonist published a drawing in which a Jewish candidate for Parliament was depicted as, well, a Jew, the ADL had him suspended from his country's journalists' association. (But no, the Jews are completely powerless worldwide.) I don't recall your laughing at the cartoon, or lamenting the ADL's successful attempt at punishing free speech.

On another note, the Saudi person on TV may have a point when he claims that Jews are racist not only against Arabs (that's plainly undeniable) but also among themselves. I recall the leader of the Ashkenazi association in my city observing with great amusement a few years ago: "See? Our association's president is always a Dr. So and So, or an Engineer Such and Such, while the Sephardi community's president is always a 'Mister'." See also here. To their credit, secular Israelis have made great strides toward suppressing discrimination against the mizrachim, but it persists in Haredi circles.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to bust your bubble, Ibrahim, but Jews laugh at cartoons ... and the ADL is not a group I know of that represents Jewry. Let alone a horde of New Yorker's.

As to the claim the Jews are ipso factor racist against Arabs; again you LIE. Arik Sharon got along well with lots of Arabs. And, employed some on his ranch, where he depended on them to run things. And, where they ran things well, indeed.

It's a giant arab lie to duck the terror they unleash on Jews. And, how deaf so many arabs are, to the wild calls out of Iran.

By the way, to stick to business, you'd have to know NISSAN (a Japanese Motor Company), would like to get some of the business that Israelis give to Volvo. And, sometimes you can make inroads into markets; with well done TV ads.

Nissan isn't even the first company to look for a sales bonanza through ads.

Oh, and where this Ha'Aretz story appears in America (on the Internet). I found, today, a VOLKSWAGON ad done for the European market. Anyway, it's a 22-second ad. With an arab (at least it looks this way to me), is walking down the steps of a brownstone. He gets into his car. (And, you know it's a European market; because the driver's wheel is on the passenger side.)

He then drives a bit. And, you see him selecting a place to park. And, yes. You see a woman, seated at the bistro; with a baby near her breast.

At this point thye driver presses a button in his hand.

No surprise. He expected to "blow up." When the VW tag is that the car is strong. He just blew himself up, inside. The car stayed whole.

And, this joke is told by a German company. WOW, we've come a long way from when hitler was the german ....

But I don't hold out any hopes for the sauds. They are who they are.

They are also gonna get it one day, from arabs who aren't sunni. And, who know they can push against the "rich man's" stuff ... bringing down, perhaps, all of Dubai.

By the way, it's no longer just Jews who are aware of arabs. Since 9/11 there's a demarcation point "where the world changed."

Yup. Even though Bush squandered his legacy.

It doesn't mean the sauds and their ilk picked up any chips, either. But that's just me. And, I just represent myself, here.

Yaniv said...

It's not just the Saudis. Iran, for example, wouldn't be as much of a nuclear threat if oil were selling for $30/bbl instead of $120.

Oil money is used by the dictators who hold it to placate their people, who would otherwise be calling for their heads due to lack of jobs, food progress, justice and opportunity.