Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Primaries: The Black Man vs. the Woman

Amnon Levy compares the primaries in the Democratic Pary and those in Kadima: The first real black candidate (meaning, in this case, Mizrachi, i.e. non Ashkenazi), vs. almost the first woman candidate (Golda, he reminds us, wasn't really much of a woman).

Actually, Mofaz, should he win in Kadima, would be the fourth Mizrachi to go to elections as the head of a large party. Itzchak Mordechai was the first, in 1999, though his party evaporated during the campaign, Fuad Ben-Eliezer was the head of Labor, though they threw him out as the elections approached, but Amir Perez, flagrantly non-Ashkenazi, led Labor into the elections of 2006.

Levy's piece is largely tongue-in-cheek, but not completely. His bottom line is actually serious: There are no worthy candidates in the upcoming elections, but Livni's advantage over Mofaz, Netanyahu and Barak (Ehud) is that she has no proven fiascoes to her name.

I'm rooting for her - though not enough to join Kadima so as to vote for her in the primaries, where it's apparently a close call. There are limits to political loyalty, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...


Talk about the dirt that flies in politics, and you still can't beat the race for the presidency; where John Adams (President #2), loses this to Thomas Jefferson, who becomes President of the USA, #3.

It was in that race that Jefferson was accused of fathering black children.

Did he? You want to believe Sally Hemmings had his kids? She was known to be screwing another Jefferson, a cousin. But not Thomas, himself. Even now with the DNA, it only comes from the "family." No great accuracy checks on the man, himself.

But the STORY! It made news in 1800. And, it still sticks out there as the dirtiest political contest in American history; where we've had some doozies.

Politics isn't a sainthood. People who are great at it can be just as horny as Bill Clinton. Who enjoyed his job. And, all the perks that came, included. Wanna smoke a cigar on that one?

What makes great politicians is that they're excellent at the game of politics. Here? You bet I think Olmert's very, very good.

I also think the average Israeli benefitted from "Disengagement." But the anger lever of the religious nutters has unleashed the most ugliness into the political pool.

Why don't religious people just stick to their "house of worship?" It's a private choice.

But when they Bible thump their ways into politics WATCH OUT.

You think this Bush, or Jimmy Carter, got God to service them? Heck, I remember a comedian, back in the late 70's, saying all that Oval Office praying was tiring "The Old Man" (in heaven), out.

We at least know that Carter, like this Bush, have legacy problems. Does it have anything to do with too much faith?

People see the faith. But it doesn't seem that they're buying it, too much.

Likudniks, though, so angry at Olmert, used their insider dirt to smear a man who not only left Likud, he's been running the country well, too.

So, everyone thinks Olmert should leave because of the 2nd Lebanese War. (Where Bush was trying to get the IDF to go into Syria, to decapitate Assad's head.) And, Olmert didn't do it. Nor did he complain out loud.

While Livni danced with Amir Peretz. And, Livni is claiming Olmert made mistakes during the summer of 2006? How crazy are Israelis, anyway, to let that fly?


Israelis are allowed to have the politics they get. But I'm thrilled my mom and dad came to America. I wouldn't be a happy camper in Israel, right now.

Of course, the average Israeli isn't IN this skunk fight. This is an insider's game. And, with Mofaz, who carries his own baggage; all I see is that the fight either goes to Mofas, who is LIKUD. And, so then the party would swing "right." (Even though Bibi only earned 12 seats in his election encounter with Olmert.) Should tell ya something. But it doesn't.

OH, and Livni. If she "wins" ... then Kadima becomes the living branch of the dead Labor party.

Branches. As if you can save the tree by "branching out left and right" to where politics meets the edges of the shore. Where most people prefer the middle.

Israel ain't got no middle, now.

And, all religions brain damage people. Worse, it makes them believe in saints, when selfishness is the rule.

Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were FOUNDING FATHERS. And, brilliant. But there's only one "president's chair" to win. And, they fought like cats and dogs over it.


Oh, and in America, politics is constantly getting the public to vie for success with their own point of view. (Even crazy stuff, like Creationists, keep looking to insert themselves into science.)

All it takes is to make an appeal to the public. Just like if you were selling soap.

In time lots of people get innoculated against the commercials.

A good country doesn't curtail the public from participating.

In Israel the public sits outside.

So, I keep looking to see if Rabin Square fills up. NOPE. Instead, his killer is now married, and with a rabbi's help, he's got a kid. And, he's a religious hero.

Yes, you should notice this. Especially because of all the active complaining that Kuntar was given away live, for bones.

Kuntar killed someone ten years his junior. He was 14 at the time. A juvenile. Not prone to getting 30-year-sentences.

WHile the advertising agencies fool you, just in case you don't remember Rabin.

Jews can kill Jews.

What a lesson.