Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BBC Reports from Alternative Universe

Earlier this evening there was another attack by an Arab driver on pedestrians in Jerusalem. 15 of them were injured, most of them not seriously. The attacking driver was shot to death, as is customary in these cases.

The BBC report's title, and I quote: Jerusalem car "attack" hurts 15.

After all, maybe it wasn't an attack? Perhaps the young Arab accidentally careened into lots of pedestrians. Such things happen, don't they?

Update: I wrote this post after 1am, last night, and forgot to link to the BBC report. This morning I see that it has been replaced... by an even more pernicious report. Now the title tells about an attack on troops, while still refraining from saying anything about the attacker (a Georgian militant from Tibet, perhaps?). The article itself goes out of its way to minimize the number of casualties, giving the mistaken impression that they were all soldiers, which isn't true. The severest casualty appears to have been a civilian woman, for example.


Anonymous said...


The car was a BMW. I suppose it didn't carry insurance? And, after the "accident" ... where the driver was killed ... (Because he plowed into soldiers walking on the sidewalk) ... I guess his family gets the car back? WHY?

One of the problems with the news; and, not just here. But in the "body bag" accounting that's become routine out of the leftist media ... it always seems that you might as well just throw you hands up. Because "no one is fighting back."

That's not exactly true.

But it remains the impression until journalists stop being such a bunch of comedians.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

It's simple, Yaacov. The attack was on the Israeli soldiers; the injured woman was collateral damage. She wouldn't have been hurt if it were not for the Israeli army's cowardly tactic of mingling with civilians to maximize innocent casualties in an effort to tarnish the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...


RIIGHT. Anyone can just drive up to a group of soldiers and run them over. But, of course, no one can attack the Saud's and fly drones into their high rise buildings. Gee. I wonder why?

I wonder why "civilized" is so poorly understood by the crazed islamists? Could it be their religion is poison? Could it be we've been tickling this problem?

The maniac who did this "just happens" to come from the same "village" and the idiot who attacked the Mercaz students. Seems to me, flattening the village would have been done by the former Assad, in Syria. Who knows the West's just full of fools who don't respond in a way that would stop "the teachings of nazi hate," here, in its tracks.

Of course, again, a passersby cocked his gun and did what a pedestrian can do, when he's armed. And, he's not fooled. If it's a contest of getting media coverage; the arabs are gonna lose. With Condi Rice's cry to the EU to "honor their financial commitments." So, while you're at it, blowing hot air, put that one into your equation, too.

It should be noted, in the spring of 1945, when General Patton crossed the Rhine, the American soldiers weren't able to find even on nazi soldier. Uniforms "probably" burned. Medals, probably buried.

Gee, you'd think this would'a taught other folks a lesson? But I guess not.

Anonymous said...


I just want Israelis to know that on the Internet this "incident" has gained traction. And, you can see that the news of the murderous rampage also brings on people who comment. And, every single one of them points out to the reality that arabs don't have friends.

And, "the family" saying their misbegotten son "lost control" ... and it was an accident, meets with derision. Honest, I'm not the only one who sez ... the press lies. And, most people have figured them out. To think otherwise is an uphill battle harder than moving this car on top of soldiers, and then claiming the car malfunctioned. Nope. The dead idiot. He just listened to too many "prayer calls."

And, this time? Ehud Barak, also looking for "stable ground" where he can do some fancy footwork; sez the family's house "must come down."

Well? Me? I believe it would take the whole village. But Barak? One house at a time, until there's a new election. It will do.

Anonymous said...


Today's Jerusalem Post (9/24) says 4 palestinians have been arrested; trying to drive over soldiers in Jerusalem. They're "drive" was stopped by a dirt barrier. And, they had a bulldozer with them; which they thought "would sail through the barrier."

To bad they were shot dead like the animals they are.

But to those sympathic idiots who think they can fool the world because arabs have been denied "driver's ed." Here ya get just another example of those lying fools.

Except that they're all worse than "fools." Fooling nobody. Do they even fool themselves?

Anonymous said...


Should read: TOO BAD THESE 4 ARABS were NOT shot dead!

Cocked guns make all the difference.

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